Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hello friends, lovers, strangers....
What should i do with this blog?
People who have read my blog for a while know that i deactivate my account from time to time
usually when i want to concentrate on school
which is my main priority in life right now! 
The difference this time is that i don't want to blog anymore. 
 But I feel like if i don't come back now, i never will. 

I got a couple of emails that motivated me to put my blog back up
I have nothing. 

The rotation i have been on since May 1st has been grueling
Long hours, little sleep, barely have time to eat, study, work out, or talk to people
I am in physical distress. 
My hair fell off around this time last year, when i was finishing off 2nd yr and studying for boards
It's falling off again

Then to have to deal with internet trolls on top of serious business, my future.....
I just couldn't/ can't do it. 
Having someone come to my blog, copy my post and 
paste it in the comment section of another blog
was the final straw. 
I was like, this shit is getting ridiculous
I wasn't ready to be about that life
I left just so i didn't add more stress to my life

Baseless accusations
A blog owner with no conscience or scruples
lack of objectivity, desire for popularity and favoritism are the order of the day
 It's frankly disgusting
I would LOVE to have the time to leave anonymous comments antagonizing people
That would mean i have free time. 
At least i can sleep through the night
I would LOVE to have the presence of mind to be aware that i have failed at blogging
and delete my blog so that i would more free time to leave hate comments for people
I didn't know we were being graded on our blogs. 
Give me an F in blogging and an A in medicine any day

How do you measure success? 
Is it by how much money you make or how much happiness you get out of what you do. 
I have always said when blogging is no longer fun
I will stop
I didn't think it would happen so soon. 

Blogging has been an outlet for me, free therapy
 a way to offload some of my thoughts and take a break from the stress of my life
It's not a source of livelihood for me and has never been intended for that purpose
I am trying to secure my future here, so i will happily fail at blogging.
I can be feisty, but i am not petty or mean spirited and i don't hold grudges
If you bother me too much, you cease to exist as far as i am concerned
I have no axe to grind with anyone
My brain is too full

Believe it or not, 
It amazes me when people email me to say they like my blog
Witty, is very frequently used as an adjective
I don't see it because 9 times out of 10, I shoot from the hip when i blog 
and i don't consider myself a particularly funny person. 
Although my brother laughs at everything i say o_O. You can ask him why.
So i feel like i have to consider the people who actually like reading my posts,
but at the same time i have to do it for me, 
unless it would be fake 

I have considered having two blogs, this one and a private blog
ditching this one completely or not just blogging anymore. 
Truth be told, i am kind of attached to this blog
She's been my road dog since 2008
She's my fourth blog lover but she's stuck with me the longest

If i say let me hold off until i have dealt with all d crap i have to deal with, 
I won't blog until next year. 
I still don't know what i want to do. 
To be honest, I think i am just super stressed out right now
cos i usually can't find a fuck to give
I does what i do

However, i would like to say that I am floored that people are happy to see me back. 
I wasn't thinking of that or expecting that. 
It always surprises me when i get emails from people telling me they like my blog
It means a lot to me and humbles me every time.
Thank you.

On that note, 
I am going to get out of this nasty ass scrubs

I love you guys, 

*P.S Notice my new name? Otse means beauty. I had dropped the Sting initially and might end up with a complete new name. We'll see.
I have retired the Madam
Too many madams running around these days.
It has been bastardized. 


  1. *Breathe*. Don't sweat the little things or little people. Just do you, blog or not (i hate d "not" part tho) but o well. Try to relax and "enjoy" med school (if enjoy is the right word) and like people always tell me "it'll soon be over one day

  2. I really pray this doesn't end up being a long comment.

    I am one person that does not comment on your blog regularly, which is unlike me, cos I am a regular commenter on blogs. In as much as I don't agree with some of the things you say, I really like your blog, and I remember telling one blogger that I missed reading your random rants.

    I understand if you have to pause on blogging because of your education, which is more important. I also understand if you have to take a break because of stress. But what I don't think you should do is leave blogger because of blog trolls. How it got this bad, I don't know, but I believe you can just ignore them.

    If people are complaining that blogsville is getting boring and being taken over by trolls, it is then our duty to make it fun again, that is if we are not to busy to blog. Can you honestly let someone run you out of your own house if you still want to live in it. Did you read my latest blogsville parody? Many things came to my mind when I wrote it, and you were one of those things.

    What I am saying is that you can still stay on, and be happy, and still have some fun like you used to. You came to blogsville on your own terms, so if you are going to leave, it should be because you want to, not because of trolls. Leave on your own terms.

    We regular bloggers sitting back and saying blogsville is getting boring and being invaded by bullies won't cut it. If we still love blogging, we should all come back and have fun.

    I won't be caught in a blog fight. That is because I won't throw a punch. One or two punches have been thrown at me, but I refused to respond because that is not what I am on blogger to do. And guess what, the drama died down before it even had the opportunity to start. So if you want me to teach you the skill of artful dodger, I would gladly do. Lol.

    But in the mean time, if you would be leaving, let it be for something more important than blog trolls. But please, don't leave sha.

    Sorry for the long comment.

  3. I'm also dissapointed in this same blogger. It's unfortunate that some people stand for nothing. I was recently bashed on her blog. I thank God that i did not have the ttime or motivation to blog, so i did not waste my time or energy exchanging words/ comments with the internet trolls and agberos on her blog.

  4. I'm glad you're back. I missed my fellow scorpio :)

    Keep your head up and all the best with your studies.

  5. Though aproko in me wants to ask who this blogger is, but I realise that it may not really add value to me...and in the grand scheme of things, it isnt important. What is important now is this dilemma you face. You are stronger than your trolls, Sting, so, I agree with @ilola, if you are leaving, let it be on your terms. I am sure you know how I feel about you stopping, seeing as I took to twitter to sniff you out, however, I want the very best for you and I know that being a medical student can be very tasking.
    Dont deactivate the blog...:( even if you dont post new stuff till next year....consider guest blogging.....consider something... I dont know...but let's have at least a snippet of you left for us here till you decide to continues posting.
    I will fry you chin-chin if that's what it will take...

    As for dropping the "madam"....LMAO......hey!!! Are you Assistant Madam?...:D

  6. you know i love you?! please keep blogging you are one of the few people who update regularly and even though i rarely reply i still love reading everything you write.

  7. I've been around your blog 2/3x when you deactivated it...and each time you come back I let out a 'she- is -back -whoop'.

    I know you say it surprises you when people like your blog,but I really like your blog!
    Your just write..
    Its like you let us attend your private therapy sessions..

    I got on blogsville and loved hanging out here not because am a writer,or witty, or have good skills to show off but cos of the cute virtual love I felt here.

    Negative side comments shouldn't stop you from blogging. Yeah,we are all human and sometimes even with the thickest skin we still feel pricks.
    Babe,just click ignore!
    Its your space and yours alone.

    I really wanna 'see' more of you around as much as your spare time permits.
    All the best with school and take sometime to ease off the stress.

  8. Before I continue...which blogger are we talking about? LOL. I'm sorry I'm letting my amebo get the best of me. I have not been reading blogs in a long while... but I think i'm back to reading. Don't you dare go anywhere Sting. You dropped Madame? I almost dropped my Sisi since we have so many these days, some even sending me emails telling me not to take it personal. LOL. Eish. The day you finish Med school you have to invite us ohhh

  9. I am an anonymous reader & have been for a while. I would genuinely hate it if you stopped blogging as believe it or not, your blog is a real gem. Your posts are funny, honest, and most times very witty! I love that you aren't afraid to speak your mind & being an young African woman living in the U.S. (although not Nigerian) I know good and well how difficult it is to put certain views and thoughts out there. Your posts however are very inspiring and I greatly enjoy reading them. Obviously med school should be your main priority & if you feel as though blogging is getting in the way of your education then perhaps take a break until you are ready to come back. But as you said your blog is an outlet for you & I'm a great believer in having mechanisms through which we clear our minds and taking the time to do things we enjoy as a form of therapy. If blogging is that for you then maybe you should reconsider leaving perhaps blog when you feel like it & regulate your blog as you see fits best in terms of dealing with trolls and what not. Just remember you have a readership far greater than any group of trolls, who genuinely appreciate the content of your blog. Anyways, if you're going the private route perhaps add me through email lol! Good luck on everything :)

  10. Hmmmm... Madam sting, sorry, sting otse. I really dont understand u. If i read this post very well, i feel that this is d time u really need to blog. I mean if u are really stressed up right now and blogin has been an outlet for u then you should think twice. The trolls u complained about isn't enough reason. 'Even me wey just start to blog get problem with them'...

  11. Gawd, i've missed you and the way you write. Don't stop blogging please. Your blog is one of the 'realest' blogs out here and i truly enjoy reading. You're funny jor, don't let anyone tell you different. It's in being totally you, that your humour shines through. When i read Atilola's parody, i thought about you and i can definitely understand how trolls can be annoying.

    Please don't leave even if you're too busy to post. All the very best with med school. Rooting for you. I think Honeydame's chin chin will help :) xoxo

  12. OMG! Thank God you are back! You were greatly missed, you can't stay away from your readers like that. You are an inspiration to so many that you might not realise it. Shake the ignorant haters off, your voice cannot be silenced!
    Best wishes with school and can't wait to read whatever you have in store for us...

  13. Hey,really glad you are back,even though i might not agree on everything you write, you are real, funny and witty, that's why i love your blog..real is precious, people are so fake nowadays...

  14. Awwww my fellow Edo sis, I love your blog jare and can you please just ignore the trolls?
    Sorry about your hair loss..the stress of med school will be worth it in the end.

  15. I really like your blog I think the thing about it is that's there something authentic about it, It's not like you're preaching or talking down to people who read your blog. Honestly if it gives you more, uh peace (for lack of a better word) deactivate, don't do anything as far as your blog goes based on how other people feel (even those who like your blog.

  16. Hi! Even if you do stop blogging, don't delete your blog. Let people still be able to read you.

  17. Sting Otse,

    Please keep blogging. Sounds like it is your stress reliever and outlet. Everybody needs that. People will always find something to bitch about. So do you #YOLO

  18. YAY! Finally I can comment, thanks for resolving the techny-issue Otse.

    Again, welcome back my dear. Missed you so much.

    Answer to your question: A Doctor is much, much, much, much, better than a blogger, anyday, anytime, and anywhere! The respect and reputation alone, outweighs blogging! Talkless of the financial status.

    So, do not let whatever any commenters say, bother you, because they cannot light a candle to your intelligence! Or match your worth!

    Yes, I know what and how you feel, that is why I went private, thick skins can be prickled once in a while as a commenter mentioned above. But your blog reaches out to the younger ones, especially those who aspire to be MD. You write as it flows into you, without sugarcoating or going with popular opinion, or trying too hard to woo the crowd, you are simply YOU!

    You are not a failed blogger! You are seasoned, and know how to maneuver the stormy waters, unlike beginners like me who got punched and sucked into the murky waters of blogsville, and learned the hard way:I am learning to read without commenting in many blogs, and it is helping me manager my hot temper and avoid fights. Many are ass kissers, and one can comment anonymously and nobody would be the wiser, but it is not your kind of thing!

    Please don't ever think of deleting this blog you hear?.xoxo.

  19. See i just came to say hey, i see everybody before me has assured you how much you/your blog will be missed if you do stop blogging.
    I feel like the whole blogging for pay/page views sucks most of the joy out of blogging, at least that's just my opinion, so i appreciate the ones that still come here and just let it rip.
    Plus me i'm not one of those people that have a problem with your opinions most times, because you do make a lot of sense mostly.

    All the best with med sch, that one is enough stress by itself, dont now let irrelevant inconsequential virtual creatures add to it.


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