Thursday, June 20, 2013

Food and Surgery

We had a Medical Humanities class presentation today where students who elected to present "creative" stuff as long as they could tie it into surgery or their experience in surgery got to do that in lieu of writing 3 H&Ps. We are supposed to write 12 H&Ps and have them graded by attendings/residents/intern or if you elect to do the humanities option, you only do 9. I'm not about that life, so i jejely got my 12 H&P's done in May.

Someone talked about rogue transplants, there was a poem, a skit, music, painting, and then there was food! Which brings me to why this post is being written at all. One student baked a cake and related it to laproscopic surgery by slicing the cake horizontally and with the bottom half made the various parts of the internal organs with different stuff like gummy worms and other types of candy. It was pretty creative, looked really good and it was done by a guy. Then there was another student, also a guy, who made fried oreos, arranged them to look like a colon and using whipped cream and chocholate spread made a "perf" (perforated bowel). Everyone was tickled pink and thought it was funny. It was really creative.

BUT! When the first student was explaining and presenting his, he used his bare hands to lift up the top layer of the cake. As soon as he did that, i was like, oh, this is not to be eaten then. Ok! Cos a lot of classmates were eagerly awaiting the food presentations. Then when the second guy was also setting his up on parchment paper, he also used his bare hands once again to touch ALL the cookies. I was surprised cos he had paper plates and napkins on the table, so obviously it was meant to be eaten after the presentation.

As soon as we were done, i grabbed my bag to leave but everyone else was rushing towards the table, then someone asked if i was leaving and did i not want to eat. I shook my head hopefully not in disgust then the guy who made the fried oreo cookies asked me if i was sure, and i said i was good and left. Are you freaking kidding me? How come i was the only one who was disgusted by that? There's no way that is sanitary and I am surprised no one else had a problem eating food that had been touched with people's nasty hands, especially since i am SURE neither guy washed their hands, and we are in a hospital for God's sake with sick patients walking around.

It was just a surprising experience. Maybe i am the problem and i am too picky. But it just grossed me out.


  1. LMBO, as soon as either of them touched the food i would have had a semi-permanent scowl on my face. Especially for the fried oreos, those things are delish! Some people have no problem being ridiculously unsanitary.

  2. I won't eat it either! Learned to Sanitized my hands everytime, one of the good things I have cultivated here :D

  3. wow that was amazingly creative of them...unless they hired professional bakers...but even then...the concepts they came up with were so cool.

    1. Not they made it themselves. The first guy actually said he was more of a cook than a baker because baking was more precise. I wish i tool a picture cos his was pretty impressive and he doesn't look like the kind of guy you would find near a kitchen. lol.


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