Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Favorite Food blogger

For those who have been unlucky enough to have never heard of Ms. Flo of, consider today your lucky day. She vlogs and also has a website where you can find detailed recipes. Her videos are very detailed also. She is one of the best Nigerian food bloggers I have come across. I am subscribed to her on YouTube, so i get to see her updates regularly. I hardly, if ever need to use her website because her videos are so detailed.

As soon as i saw this video, i was like i just have to blog about her. The quality of everything she does is first class and presentation is on point. I give her a 10/10. Everything worth doing is worth doing well.

She has recipes on pretty much everything and i can't wait to have the time to try my hand at some things. Having detailed videos to watch is very helpful and she doesn't talk during the videos, just word descriptions (and of course background music).

No, this post wasn't sponsored o! Although if she can compensate me with some food all the way from Europe, i won't refuse :) I just like to share stuff that other people can benefit from. I think she's awesome.


  1. Been looking for something like this. Thanks!! I love you for this...

  2. Thanks for sharing.The preparation and presentation is very good. Would be watching her now.

  3. I've been watching her for a while now. She's great at what she does!

  4. Madame Sting herself! I'm glad you find the videos helpful dear. Thank you for telling your readers about my website. The high marks warm my heart so much!

    Some virtual Naija food on their way to you! :) :)


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