Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kaftan fantasy

@ Fluffycutething: This is the kaftan i was actually wearing in my day dream. I hope you like it better :)

P.S. There's a video on face book of some lesbians caught by some guys in UNIBEN and they pretty much humiliated these chics (three of them) and beat them up. Forced them to do all sorts of things with each other, told them to open their legs and filmed everything. I am traumatized to say the least. Kai! Nigerian girls dey suffer sha! People just do all sorts of things and there's no recourse. You just cry, clean your eyes and keep it moving. Anyway, i really wanted to post this video here, but i can't pull it from facebook and it's not on you tube.

I have exams all week, Monday, Wed and you can imagine it's going to be bloody around these parts. Pray for me that i come out unscathed. No seriously, i mean it! I need prayers cos matter don hard.


  1. canwe get a link to that incident

  2. It has already been taken off facebook cos of the nudity and other things i guess.

  3. Hi Sting. Tech tip. If you want to rip any online vid install RealPlayer. It has a feature(a browser plugin) that allows you download vids.

  4. Found the link:
    Has to be downloaded though.

  5. All the best with your exams.
    That's a beautiful Kaftan.
    I want one! :)

  6. Thanks Iphy!!!

    Karl....u r awesome. Thanks.

  7. Ahhhhhhhh i swear once I saw this on my dashboard in blogger, saw the lil pic of the kaftan I went OH MY GOD! I_WANT_THAT! ? WHERE DID YOU FIND IT? I am addicted to clothes, but I try to be sensible because I really dont like to spend money and I always feel like I should give whatever I have to a better cause but I have to admit I am addicted to clothes and that thing looks like it's made out of my dreams....
    About the incident, i am lost for words :-\

    Mucho luck with the exams, YOU WILL ACE THEM.

  8. I like the caftan o!..indian-like.

    Why do such to the gals???

    who made them judge???

    Best of luck o!

  9. Madame Sting will come out unscathed!...

  10. I saw that video yesterday and was so mad! OMG, I would have flogged them back, honestly! It is such people that can kill, and for what?!

    Anyway, let me not go on. God's grace with your tests and all.

  11. *sigh* I didn't see the video but that's terrible.
    We have such a long way to go. Who made them judge and executor?
    They should have asked nicely if they wanted an invitation.

  12. Now we're talking o jare :D

    Only remaining the loaded Alhaji to complete the dream in "real life" lol

  13. so prettyyyyyyy.....I wanttttt!!
    PS: I am off to find the video!


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