Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day Dreaming + Blogging Anniversary

It's a wonderful day today....I'm in my mansion chilling, thinking of the million and one leisure activities i could partake in. My life is wonderful. I'm the 7th wife of a stinking rich alhaji , have 2 daughters, 2 nannies, a maid, a cook, a houseboy, a driver and a gateman, all at my beck and call........................

I am most likely wearing this kaftan

Allow me to dream a little cos the reality is not so palatable.
Physiology! Physiology!!! Physiology!!!! How many times did i call you? It's either you kill me or i kill you cos somebody has to die and it's not going to be me. When people were standing in line for low ambition, i said nooooo....Lord! I want high ambition. Make me want to be a dokitor. Oya o! Madame, take and enjoy. I've taken it, but i don't know if i'm enjoying it. This is not life, this is just existing. I have turned to a prayer warrior, motivational speaker, comforter and cheerleader by force and it's for my own damn self.

P.S . Don't ask me why i want to marry an alhaji cos in real life i don't, neither do i want to be a 7th wife or be in a polygamous marriage for that matter. But everytime i day dream, i'm always the 7th wife of an alhaji. Tell me i don't have issues.

P.P.S. Today Jan 23rd marks my fourth anniversary as a blogger. This is actually my fourth blog which i started in 2008 but I started blogging Jan 23rd 2007. My life was very "interesting" back then. Thank God for progress and for time that makes everything better. I still love blogging as much as i did back then, even better. I hope i can continue for many, many more years. Wouldn't it be cool if i become a doctor/get married and have kids and i'm still blogging on this blog? I think it would be cool. 


  1. Carry go with your day dreaming, so far it remains day dreaming and not reality oh.

    Na you go kill Pysiology, no mind am e dey do yanga...but na your own yanga go plenty pass in the end.

    Have a lovely week babe

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  3. hehe I'm glad you said don't ask because I was going to throw out "why would you want to be the 7th wife?"...Anyway sha as long as you have come this far you will surely kill pysiology after all He never put in our hand what we can not handle so soon soon we shall come to celebrate you :)

  4. All the best with your studies dear, and don't stop daydreaming. :)

  5. Only two things can happen, It is either you win or you win. So in the end, you will always win. Sorry o.

  6. LOL @ 'When people were standing in line for low ambition, i said nooooo...'
    Same here. Sometimes I envy those who just seem to let life pass them by. Less stress I'm sure.

    Anyway, hang in there. You'll do it!

    As for dreaming of marrying an alhaji - I think it is an subconcious feeling of you wanting to be taken care off. Nothing wrong with that! *smile*

  7. Happy anniversary o!

    4 blogs in 4years?!

    Amin you go kill am patapata...ahhahahaaa..

    take care.

  8. You need to up the levels of that your kaftan abeg.... 7th wife of Alhaji should be wearing the kaftans from senegal that cost at least N100,000 or more....

    Don't leave out the jewellery tooo

    ***ahem*** just flowing with your daydream

  9. happy blog-anniversary. Was scared about the alhaji part o!

  10. Congratulations on your blog anniversary, many more blogging years ahead IJN. You will kill physiology and all the other 'ologies' to come and will be successful in every aspect of your life IJN. Do I hear an amen?

  11. @Fluffy: The vision i had in my head did not match any pictures i saw so i had to settle. You have sha challenged me to go look for a better My priorities are not right at all.

  12. oh oh oh i have a kaftan just like that :D

    lol@ your dream...ain't nothing wrong with dreaming jare

    4yrs? omo you try oh...congrats on keeping at it this long.

  13. Happy blogversary!
    Your blog has evolved over the years and yes it keeps getting better!
    lol @ your day dream...I kept wondering when and what will snap you out of it! Physiology is sssooo dead!:) the time you're through with will know who's boss!
    All the best babes.

  14. All the best! Daydream away. It helps to cushion hard facts of life. E go better

  15. I am awarding you the stylish and versatile Blog award...Check my blog out for details! Congrats!!!

  16. LMAO at ur dream, notin do u joor

    congrats on ur anniversary, it isnt easy (hope say u never 4get say we still get unfinished project o:)


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