Saturday, December 4, 2010


Be who you are. You never know who is looking at you, admiring you and wanting to be just like you. - Sting
I like people who are unique, different, stand out and are truly individuals.
While everyone else are wearing ballet flats and tights, they have on multi-colored socks, boots and fingerless gloves.
While everyone else is sticking with the trends, they go vintage. 
They dance to the beat of their own drummer, to tunes no one else can hear.
They don't conform for conformity sake. 
They have the act of "doing you" down to a science.
They are rebels but not rebels without a cause. 
Their purpose is to exist solely as the unique individuals they are meant to be.
They are suave, they are cool, they have style, innate swagger just by being who they are. 

So be you. There's only one you. Besides, everyone else is taken.


  1. Thanks for the reminder... Being me is the only thing no one no matter how much prettier, smarter, etc. can do better than me

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words sister.


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