Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm learning to ignore shit

Some people, things, or situations are just not worth the aggravation. 

The satisfaction you think you might get from engaging, giving that idiot a telling off, or a verbal annihilation is usually not worth your peace of mind. So go on, hit the ignore button. It works wonders for your blood pressure too.


  1. Madame Sting, I'm with you on this one. I'm also learning, although painfully slowly, to ignore things that are not worth my time. I don't know how I learned to think that a response was the best reaction to shit...

  2. So madame sting, who don provoke you? :]....well said, B-U-T...e no easy o!..i am trying B-U-T...i IGNORE when i see how the situation is...B-U-T in SOME cases...I DON'T TURN THE OTHER CHEEK o!.

  3. babes u don change ya name???? wats dis madame they r now calling u??? like play like joke i go begin c ya campaign poster for street :)

    btw how long can u ignore d sheeeet? bottling it inside doesnt do well for ur BP too

  4. LG stop following me! LOL
    Ignore works sometimes but letting it rip in certain situations feels wonderful.

  5. @Prism: It's a daily process, my dear.

    @Ms.Nitty: You have to pick and choose your battles. Not all are worth the stress. Some people are just idiots so no need.

    @LG: I am now a madam now o, u no hear? I agree it's not good to bottle up. The keyword here is "some". No be everything person go keep quiet for, at the same time, no be everything you go talk put, abi?

    @Luscious: I totally agree.

  6. Madam Sting Lol. Luvs it!

    Meanwhile, living in Nigeria has taught me the art of ignoring. Unfortunately, I'm not perfect yet, but I'm getting there. It's so hard though, because sometimes, you know that one idiot needs a lip service. But you have to pick your battles.

  7. Shalom!


    I liked reading 'How do i ignore him today?' but instead i substituted names in that position of him.

    It gave immense satisfaction.

  8. I was looking for a 'like' button to click on....

    Nice post


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