Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pro-life vs Pro-choice

I am Pro-choice for the simple fact that i believe every woman should have the right to chose what she wants to do with her body.

With that being said, I don't that i will ever be able to have an "elective" abortion. I use the word elective to refer to the "oops, i'm pregnant and i'm not ready for a baby" situation. There are many situations where it is not safe for a mother to continue a pregnancy and they have to terminate it. I'm not talking about those. I have a 16 month old niece and to say i love her is an understatement. I totally understand those parents who always talk about their kids and all the little things they do. She fascinates me to no end. Watching her learn how to do stuff, try to talk and everything else that comes with development is something i can never get tired of.
I don't know what she was doing yesterday but i was watching her and that's what that thought occurred to me.

When people are getting emotional about the abortion issue, they usually call it murder and use other emotionally charged adjectives to describe it. When does life actually start? When the embryo changes to a fetus? I don't know. But one thing i do know is that regardless of what choice of word is used, I could never do it. It would always bother me especially if it was an "elective" abortion. This is something i have to think about especially as someone who wants to be a part of the medical profession because i know there are doctors who refuse certain services to their patients because of their personal beliefs and i think they are within their right to do that.

This brings me to the people who use abortion as birth control. I had written about an audio i heard in a previous post of this chic telling her boyfriend who asked her what if she got pregnant because she didn't want to use a condom, and she replied by asking him "Dem no dey remove am" and she went on to talk about the chic she took to have an abortion and what you can drink to get rid of a pregnancy. I wish i could get the audio for you guys, because the whole conversation was mind blowing in a negative way. People like that make me sick because she's talking about having an abortion like she's going to take a dump. That is just crazy to me. There's are instances of rape, incest, and stuff like that. I can never support forcing a rape victim to have the baby of her rapist, or an 11 year old have the child of her father. There are people who will sit there and look you in the eyes and tell you that no matter what there's no grounds for abortion, i think those people are crazy too.

With all that being said, I am still pro-choice. I still believe that as women we should have the right to chose what we want to do with our bodies but at the same time i think we should be smart about the choices we make so we don't end up in the position of having to makes those tough decisions. If you know you are not ready to have a baby, then don't have unprotected sex and if something happens, that's why there's plan B. Yes, it's not always black and white like that but let's do the best we can.

Let's continue to learn, be smart and make better choices.

Happy Holidays


  1. Dr.Sting...LOL@emotionally charged adjectives...i think i totally get your point, & seeing that you've gotten to this point in your life, it makes it easier to understand..its like me saying that any woman that gets pregnant for me right now will have the child if she wants to, i'm old & financially stable enough to cater for the child, mother &, like you say, let's continue to learn, be smart and make better choices...great Christmas day post

    Have a very happy new year ahead

  2. babe may God help us always make the right choices!!!

    N.B - Where is our fatbusters blog? was thinking we may be able to do a successful revival of the thing!!!

  3. You got my vote for the most random christmas day post in history.

  4. I am so for the random Christmas Post. Hope you had fun yesterday. Happy New Year in Advance.

  5. @Baroque: Amen to that and a happy new year to you too

    @Fluffy: I deleted the blog, but we could always start another one.

    @Ebuks: I take that as a compliment. Thank you :)

    @Lara: Thanks. Happy new year to you too.

  6. I'll say i'm prochoice myself, it's never really all black and white.

    People who choose abortion as birth control disgust me and it's shocking how common it is, especially in Nigeria.

  7. The truth is just that: it's never really black and white. I also cannot judge a person who wants to abort a child of rape or incest. It would be so hard to love that child.

    Everyone needs to be ready to face the consequences of their actions.

  8. Pregnancy resulting from incest, rape & the mother's life is at risk, should be evacuated ASAP! sentiments here!....Apart from this reasons, any woman that don't want to have a baby should use contraceptives PERIOD!


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