Monday, March 1, 2010

Help 4 Jos

Hey people,

We need your support for the people of the Jos disaster. 2cute4u had the great idea for us to raise money for victims of the Jos disaster and work with the Red Cross to ensure the funds get to the appropriate place. I will provide more information as soon as i get it. Here's a link to the site that has been set up. Pls follow the blog so you can be kept up to date on how to be a part of this. A little will go a long way.

Thanks guys.


  1. Great initiative! I expect no less from you.

  2. Well, i can't take credit for this. It was 2cute4u's idea, i'm just helping out.

  3. Spare.. you encouraged me and galvanized me in to action, you know that.. Thank you so very much.. please you all should give to Jos..It doesn't take anything to give no matter how little but it sure does go a long way and you'd be so glad you did.
    Thank you so very much


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