Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Culinary Delights

I am positive there was a show growing up called Culinary delights. Anyhoo, just as i have recently discovered that i'm really into purses (Earrings have been my only love these past few years), i have also discovered that i enjoy cooking. Who would have thunk it. I was listening to one of Vera's past shows about whose job cooking is anyway. In the past i probably would have been against being the only one cooking, but i guess as i get older, i am becoming more realistic and i know that if i get married to an average Nigerian man, there's no way the cooking will be split evenly. Heck, even the guys who know how to cook completely avoid cooking once they get married. My mom had to talk to my cousin after he got married to at least help out cos they both work and pretty much come home at the same time.

Anyway, i have discovered i like cooking. I came up with some bootleg recipes last yr when i was in school. Anything that i could make quickly was my friend. I started eating vegetables too. I won't really say i'm the best cook out there. I would probably rate myself a 6 out of 10 cos there's a lot of stuff i have never actually made. I just know how to make stuff cos my mom always made sure we were around when she was cooking but she wouldn't actually let u do anything, except stew and jollof rice sometimes. Soups? Never. So i "know" how to make a ton of stuff without having ever made them.

I have been trying my hands at a lot of stuff lately and they have all turned out really well. I have pictures to prove it.

Dish 1: Kidney beans (served it with white rice)


Dish 2: Akara

Dish 3: Crab legs (just steamed it with some salt)

I made some more kidney beans with pepperoni

That's all for now folks. 


  1. I love Crab Legs. I have a stash in my fridge waiting to be steamed!

  2. Oh gosh, now I'm hungry :) (nice cooking tip abt the crablegs...hmm)

  3. Kai i dont like akara...but dis one is tempting with garri.

  4. omg!when last did i see akara

  5. Haba, its Akara and bread anyday....dont forget cold coke to go along with it. :)

  6. Lovely....

    One day I'll love the kitchen.

    Now I'm hungry

  7. I need to find kidney beans in Naija. ARGH! I don't like you so much right now... I was doing so well when I didn't think about them. Hmph!


  8. i like to eat
    u like to cook
    i think thats the makings a beautiful relationship

  9. Kudos to embracing your inner chef! I have been doing the same to my own surprise!

    I've never checked my grocery store for crab legs (even though I love the stuff! Yum!

    I didn't know there were green kidney they come soft or do you have to soak them for a while?


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