Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tough and Rough

  • I forgot myself for a minute there.
  • I deal with my own shit myself.
  • Never complain to pple
  • That's what this blog is for
  • Depending on someone to make u feel better = Recipe for disaster
  • Really, really, most pple don't give a shit about ur problems.
  • They have their own crap to deal with
  • Everyone loves someone who is so into them and has time to listen to their issues.
  • Most pple don't care to be that for someone else
  • At least not constantly
  • I really forgot myself for a minute there.
  • I cry to no one.
  • My weakness and vulnerability are for my eyes and ears only
  • Encourage u to encourage me?
  • Help me out here......... ???
  • I'm reaching
  • You r right, i really don't know the half of what i'm doing.
  • I've decided to stop being ignorant.


  1. Love the way you wrote this out.....

  2. Loved it too. Was a bit confusing at first, but I guess that's how it was designed. Gbaski thing!


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