Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sting Update 101

Been home since Friday. It's been great. My newest niece is so pweety...... she's got our good genes ;). I've been enjoying baby duty. Changed my first diaper today even though i refused to clean the poop first, and i screamed one time when i was checking her diaper to c if she had pooped, stuck my hand in the diaper and touched poop. My sister and mom came running cos they thot something had happened to the baby, I had to apologize.

Final grades come out next week. We all pretty much know how we did. Hmm.... i wish i could give u guys the details of what was going on with me last semester. God is faithful. Right now, i'm one point away from passing one class. I emailed the professor to c if there might be a curve and i was told no. I already knew that cos it is clearly stated in the syllabus. I am literally one point and 0.7% away from passing. I am trusting God that they will give it to me. I'm praying and believing in God cos i know he's faithful. Pls, send a little prayer for me, or if u can't be bothered to pray, think positive thoughts. I need a miracle.

I'm happy though. That's a good thing. I intend to stay that way.


  1. Aah baby poop duty! I remember those days. I will say a prayer for you, let us know how it goes and stay happy.

  2. LOL...aje butter. Screaming about baby poop. Wait until its your turn to have one and see if screaming will change the diaper.

  3. Stay happy and I pray you pass too. Happy holidays.

  4. All the best, i pray you pass.


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