Sunday, December 27, 2009


Something happened yesterday, very trivial (ok, maybe not so trivial, fucking bastard!) but it made miss having friends. I miss the life i would have had if i has stayed in Nigeria. I miss my friends in Nigeria. How did i go 7 yrs without developing any real friends? All the pple i have been close to in this country have been on the phone.

Thinking of a couple of pple i sent texts messages to lately that didn't bother responding. You guys remember the chic i was supposed to meet up when i came home, sent her a text and she didn't respond. Maybe i sent it to a wrong number, we would never know. I hate being ignored, although i ignore pple (sometimes). Hmmm.... karma, anyone?

Not happy. Going to keep listening to music and maybe fall asleep and wake up tomorrow. Seeing how it's just 10 am, that might be a tall order, but i can hope, can't i?


  1. i think about it sometimes, how perfect and filled with activities my life would have been in nigeria.

  2. chacha... except you want to be ignoring someone.. :)

  3. babe, wassup? how are u holding up?
    been meaning to call u. I'll call u before the year ends.

  4. this is exactly not the season to be lonely my dear one...please please get yourself a friend, & quickly too

    btw, what music are you listening to? anything new?

  5. @Baroque: I listen to music on I guess some of them are relatively new. Don't know.

  6. yea my cousin told about that website, am going to check it out.

    compliments of the season.

  7. Gidilounge is good, I use notjustOK sometimes too. Keep cheerful dearie. Happy new year in advance.

  8. Please find a friend fast. Don't get to lonely, its depressing. Hope you are doing ok.


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