Friday, February 27, 2009


I feel like i'm about to have a nervous breakdown @ the young age of 20 something :-) Working 7 days a week is no longer working for me, cos i'm this close to becoming a patient at the mental hospital. It took the natural restraint that comes with being me, for me not to grab my car keys and walk out that hospital at 1.00am this morning. With every fiber of my being, i did not want to be there. The fact that the idiot scheduler had scheduled me to work Thursday to Sunday every single weekend in March, and this is in addition to my regular 9-5 job at the lab, and she knows i have a full time job is not helping my state of mind at all. When i complained, she got defensive and asked me if i was not the one that put in i was available for those hours. Well, i didn't expect her to give me all the hours i said i was available for cos they never have in the past. The previous scheduler had common sense and used her church mind to know that somebody still needs to rest.

Check out my thursday-friday schedule. So i worked at the lab during the day on thursday, left early around 4ish, got to the hospital and worked from 11pm-7am Friday morning. I'm supposed to be at the lab between 9am-10am and work until 5ish, and then show up again at the hospital at 7pm until 7am. What in the world was i thinking. I've done this same schedule before, except i had to be at the hospital at 11pm instead of 7pm, so that gave me a few hours to sleep.

I no do again, i don tire. I don't even see the money or even have time to spend the one that i see. For the first time in the history of Sting, i have been late paying my bills, credit card, utilities, everything. This has been going on for months. The money is in my account oh, but to remember to pay it, is another thing. It doesn't help that i pay a lot of my bills online, so i always forget the due date these days and that never used to happen. I have email reminders. I see the emails, and still forget. I ended up losing the 0% APR i had on my credit card with the largest balance cos i was less than 24hrs late and all i needed to do was transfer money from one account to the other. I'm so pissed at myself.

I'm stressed and overwhelmed. I don't think this is worth my sanity cos i feel like i'm losing my damn mind. So i've decided to show up at the lab 1.30pm just for lab meeting, and call the hospital and tell them i'm not coming in until 11pm, make person no go die because e dey find money. This lady at my job asked me y i was working so hard, what bills do i have to pay cos i look so young. First of all, don't let the baby face deceive you. Secondly, it's my fucking teeth! I spent almost $10,000 on these yellowish bastards, and guess where it all went........ damn credit cards!

Now, that my rant is over, i'm going to go see if i can sleep.


  1. Take it easy dear,please do slow down.O.k?

  2. Do catch some sleep.This really requires comittment,and i know you can do it.

  3. " take your life find money.. cos you no fit use money find life.." (MI)

    That said though.. you're not exactly lookin for money for yourself... it's all for those plastic thingie's..

    Hard knock life.. 'e go better'

  4. Though i'm going through something similar,i want to really encourage you.xx

  5. Pele dear, just try and rest ok? think you did the right thing taking that time off!
    Big hugs miss sting!

  6. take it easy dear, pele........ the Lord is ur strength

  7. wow, those are a lot of hours oh....but I guess ur now white teeth is compensation...u need to cut the hours...

  8. pele dear. xoxo. Please take it easy lovey. take it easy.

  9. Pele! I want to see a picture of these teeth o, that are making our dear sting work herself to the bone!

    Ok, I have a plan: tell the hospital that you're no longer available on Sundays. That way, even if they schedule you all your available days, you'll still have that day of rest to gbadun. What do you think?

    Take it easy my dear!

  10. Sting...oto obe, oto obe

    Take a deep breath....take another deep breath. Count to 10...

    All I can say is....this too shall pass

    like GNG said, ask not to be put on schedule for sundays, ie, if its allowed.

  11. Please slow down... At the end of the day, it really isn't worth it.

    Take care.

  12. kai....sorry what u have to do mehn, dont kill urself abeg!

  13. wow

    life is about relationships so honestly there is almost no way for u to survive at this pace

    so breathe in breathe out
    and take a day off or something like that and reconnect with the true meaning of life

  14. Do what u can, Chica. Leave the rest.

  15. "'s my fucking teeth!"?

    We work when we are young. Strength is the glory of the young.

  16. breath in, breath out! RELAX! is dis blog thing adding to it?

    Get some rest okay! we want a well rested happy med student!

  17. Pele my sister, take it easy for real and try and get some rest when you can.
    I understand that man must work to pay off all these yeye bills, this yankee sha. Na suffahead country, but mayne if you no fit, you no fit.

  18. wow, you are working very hard. E pele oh! My sista take it easy. Try to sleep and catch a break wherever you can.


  19. You need to take a break..even if its a mini one. Don't be run down..take it easy xx

  20. Nervous breakdown at the young age of twenty something?!
    Devil is a LIAR!
    That is what happens when you work on Sunday!
    Dem no get church for that side.
    Ah ah!!
    Now that I'm done ranting, take a chill pill girl...
    How you can do that with 10k worth of teeth is another thing.
    Are they insured?

  21. like seriously, u need to chill!u will have a breakdown if you DONT stop!whats the point of working so hard when you cant even enjoy the fruits of your labor..


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