Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've been a bad Mommy!

Nigerian Bloggers Award has taken over my life. The little free time i have is spent on there. I'm not complaining cos i'm enjoying myself so far but my baby definitely is complaining. Usually, the first thing (okay, second) i do every morning is take Lenie out to pee. Before (and after) i got him, the (real) first thing i did was get on my computer. I don't wake up and run to the bathroom (at least not every morning), neither do i wake up and pray, nooooooo........ i wake up and the first thing i do is turn on my computer. Then, i take Lenie out.

Now, i wake up, turn on my computer and sit there for the next hour without moving. Today, I had to keep reminding myself to get off and get ready for work. All this while, Lenie is standing patiently with his little self beside my chair. He gets tired and lays down, then gets up again. By this time, i had forgotten about him. When i finally tear myself from the computer to go take a shower, i look down and see my poor little doggie. If u see the speed he used to race out when i opened the door. Usually, i have to say "go potty" a minimum of 10 times but today, i didn't need to remind him of our purpose for being out in the cold in the first place.

He needs a bath cos he stinks. Those doggie body sprays are not doing the trick and he's turning into an itch ball. OMG! It just clicked that i'm sitting here writing about my dog. I'm becoming one of them. I need to go get a life!

Nah! I love my doggie. Oh, u guys will not believe the Nigerian name this dog actually answers to. It started as a joke. My mom would call him this konk Edo name, that means, I lean on God. I can't even spell it cos i've never heard that name in my life before and i have no idea how to spell it. It's sounds something like Regbenien(osa). Now, this dude will not only answer Lenie, he will also come running when he hears that name. We tried calling different names to see if he's answering that name specifically and what do u know...... he is! It was the funniest thing ever.

My little Puppy!


  1. lol, our former dog was bi-lingual too!

    Lenie is so cute, makes me want to have a dog, but i know i dont have the time for it -before they make me go to jail for starving a dog!

  2. Oh my God. My Dog asnwers to aja too. and she eats eba and ewedu and she even likes amala. That dog is so Nigeria. Lol. Lenie is so freaking CUTE. Lenie and Bella would get along.

  3. Awww Lenie!!! can we have more Lenie posts please!!!! I want a dog!

  4. Aww, poor Lenie!

    Give him some love o...or you'll hear from me. A cutie like that deserves your attention!

    (At the same time thanks for all the work you've been doing to make the NBA a success!)

    That's so cool that he answers to that name!

  5. awww, he's a cutie pie!!! Please give him some mommy and doggy time. =) If not he'll be a very naughty boy!

  6. lolllllllllllll@temite, babes no dey form 4 here o, dat ur dog no be aja na BINGO :)
    how dog go dey swallow amala AYAMA!!!!! :)

  7. lol. mummy sting pls attend to your baby o! but me hate animals of all kind.

  8. OMGosh, hes so so cuteeeeee!
    and obviously sweet and disciplined, if i were him, i'd pee right at ur feet for ignoring me for so ling:)

  9. Being that cute should be illegal. Adorable! LMAO at the Naija name(s).

  10. OMG he is so so cute..want one badly but still cant imagine the tot of taking a bag with me each time we go out to pick up after him...ewwwwuuu

  11. LOL @ answering to the edo name...Lenie is funny oh

    Well i can assume that you are already repentant and being a good mommy...

  12. LOL@ I'm becoming one of them. Yea you need a life

  13. Awwwwwwwwww please don't neglect him! He's too cute! Give him a wash and add a good conditioner too LOL!

    First time here :)

  14. bad bad mummy!

    that dog is the cuteness! what pedigree is he?

  15. lol @ lenie answering to two names; I guess Ikechukwu (Vera's name for him) never stuck :)

    I'm terrified of dogs, but Lenie is so cute he makes me forget that fear a little.

    Please be a good mummy!

  16. awwww am a dog person too
    @ bumight!lol bi-lingual dog

  17. Ur Lenie is cute, but I can't relate cos I'm terrified of dogs- animals in general. Pls I take God beg u, don't become like one of 'them' o.

  18. Did you try calling him Ikechukwu or Ikemefuna?? I really think those are more befitting names. lol

    and yes, you've been a terrible mommy!


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