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While blogsville is busy going crazie about Valentines day, let's talk about food. I'm being interviewed for a class presentation thingy and i was given a few questions to answer. I've decided to include u guys in the interview because i love u guys so much (read, i'm too lazy to do it).

Here are the questions. Please help a sister out. PUHLEASE!!!!!! It's not easy being the only "native African" in my lab.
  1. What are the staple foods in Nigeria (i.e. bread, rice, etc.)?
  2. Does Nigeria have foods that are unique to festivals or other celebratory events? If so, please give a brief description of the food(s) and the festival(s) that incorporate these food(s).
  3. Please provide a sample menu for 1 day if you were to consume a diet consisting mostly of foods that are commonly or traditionally found in Nigeria.
  4. Do the food and/or eating practices of Nigeria differ from other African countries? If so, how?
  5. What are your favorite dishes from your country? Please give a brief description of at least 1 of your favorite dishes.
  6. What are some dishes you dislike?

I'm going to take my sleep deprived ass to bed now. Happy lovers day. Always remember to play it safe ( three patients admitted yesterday were HIV +ve, that shit is scary). Muah!


  1. Just marking my spot.
    I is also tired.
    Goodluck with ur homework tho!

  2. - Rice and Garri.
    -n/a...lool..I dont knwo this one!
    -Omo this assignment is serious!
    -Yes they do a little bit especially when you start doing more towars the east and the south. In west Africa it can be said we have a common ground.
    - Fried Plaintian and stew.

    hope I helped!

  3. this assignment na die!

    let me try and answer sha..

    -cassava, rice, yam, cocoyam etc yam festival i think they make mostly yam meals...

    -morning..yam and eggs... afternoon...jollof rice.. evening... fufu and afang soup(leaf soup calabar area)

    -yes they do cos nigerians eay different things in different parts of the country..

    -pounded yam and white soup..with sprinkling of bitter leaf! awesome!

    - yam is cooked and pounded to a flowy paste.. soup is boiled chcken with seasong and a little starch to thicken it and a little bitter leaf for colour.. or taste depends..

    -yam pottage, tuwo(semovita),egusi soup,etc..
    i don try for u oo!! and am 3rd! wow!

  4. lol u dis lazy girl! hope u sha get it down. I think writefreak has mistakenly replied on funms page cuz i was reading it and i was like oops!

  5. 1. Yam, cocoyam, cassava,
    2. New Yam festival...yam (pounded or boiled)
    3. Breakfast: Pap and akara (bean ball). Lunch:Yam and beans Dinner: Garri/Foo foo and Okra soup
    4. It differs slightly; food and eating practice of Nigerian tribes differ not to talk of other African countries. Zambia eats rice with milk, I am yet to see that kind of delicacy in naija.
    5. Jollof rice and fried plantain. Garri with hot okra soup. Peppersoup
    6. uhhhh.....

  6. hey

    i have come out or hiding but have changed url and name, swing by when u can

    Jarrai-gambian girl

  7. oh i actually thought i ledtft a comment yesterday, this would have been my comment....

    Ok girl, you gotta pay for this, you lazy ass! lol

    Since i am a Nigerian wife living in Nigeria, i think i can help out, so here goes:

    1. Rice (white mostly) and stew, bread and egg, amala and ewedu, friend plantain, yam porridge, beans porridge, eba and soup, spaghetti and corned beef stew etc etc

    2. Yes, jollof rice is a main one on birthdays, weddings and naming ceremonies, pounded yam and soup

    3. morning will be ogi and akara (bean cakes)
    lunch will be rice with dried beans and stew with fish
    dinner will be vegetable soup with fried plantain

    4. I've only been to one other African country, Ghana, and yes, the difference is that they don't eat as much pepper although even in Nigeria Yorubas eat more pepper than other groups

    5. Jollof rice with plantain and beef or chicked stew

    6. I can't think of any right now, hubby just walked in with some giant

    happy val's day!ciao!

  8. seriously.

    ok i know new yam festival and is associated with the new season of harvesting and the food of course is pounded yam. i dont know which soup. maybe okazi or something. i aint igbo.

    then akara fried in palm oil during a funeral in yoruba land.

    for one day, nigeria food,
    breakfast= moi moi and pap
    noon= eba and egusi soup/ asorted meat peppersoup
    night=boiled unripe plantain with fried ugu mixed with fish sauce off course.

    you sabi all these menu now abi?

    dont forget that because of our different cultures, in 9ja we have different native food thst fit that are used anytime occasions are had. like during weddings in isoko, u cant see amala there. just as u wont see starch in a yoruba or igbo ceremony.

  9. Fun questionnaire. I am a self-proclaimed foodie so I would have been all over that survey. :)

    Being a non-Nigerian, I can only attempt to reply the last 3 questions:

    Do the food and/or eating practices of Nigeria differ from other African countries? If so, how?
    I believe African cultures in general are so wildly different (even within the same country) that differences in foods are bound to happen. THe difference mainly lies in the way the food is prepared. The ingredients are (mostly) the same but the variations on recipes vary wildly. From my stand point, what I've noticed as a differences is the fact that we (Ivorians) eat a lot more plantain-based foods than my Nigerian friends in general. We eat pounded plantain rather than pounded yam, for instance. We also eat a lot more grilled items than I have seen my Nigerian friends eat. But mostly the soups (Okra, Egusi, Pepper, etc...) are practically the same... I think the biggest differences in food will occur when comparing regional foods (forest dwelling people versus savannah-dwellers or fishermen tribes vs. cattlemen, etc...)

    What are your favorite dishes from your country? Please give a brief description of at least 1 of your favorite dishes.
    My favorite dish hands down is "Attieke" with grilled fresh fish accompanied with some fresh diced tomatoes and onions vinaigrette type(Princesa did a great post on it :)). Attieke is a couscous made from Cassava. To the untrained eye, it may look like Garri at first sight but it's prepared differently. It's delicious!

    What are some dishes you dislike?
    I am not a big fan of pounded anything. That could be yam, or plantain like we eat at home. I don't particularly dislike it, but I am not going to seek it either. And my least favorite soup is dried okra soup (I don't know if you guys have that). Strange because my second favorite is Okra soup and cassave fufu! :D.

    Hope it helped!

  10. 1. Rice, Garri, Yam- Carbs in general
    2. No idea.
    3. Breakfast- Yam and stew
    Lunch- Rice and stew with chicken/Jollof Rice
    Dinner- Eba and Egusi
    4. No idea.
    5. Iyan and Egusi
    6. Hmmmm...Ukwa (How do you spell it?)

  11. too lazy to answer them all
    but what food do i dislike
    mercy i am officially tired of rice ooooooooooooo

  12., you must have eaten rice so much to warrant that kind dislike

  13. Some tribes (like Ondo town in Ondo State) eat people like Ikechukwu. Make sure you add that. Hahahahahaha

  14. hmm..lemme see..

    1. garri, yam, rice, plantain
    2. uh..i dunno bout this one..
    3. breakfast - yam, eggs and gravy
    lunch - pounded yam with efo elegusi(vegetable with egusi(i dunno what egusi is in english))
    dinner - fried rice, fried plantain and salad

    p.s. thanx for making me salivate knowing that i dont have access to these things!

    4. yes, it differs..uh, i dunno how..but it sure
    5. fried plantain, fried rice, garri, pounded yam, beans..
    6. fried rice - rice cooked with various veggies such as peas, carrots, sweet corn and spring onions and also with liver and is made 'yellow' by adding curry.
    7. i dislike amala, fufu, yam porridge..

  15. Thanks guys, u guys are too much. Una too sweet, Muah!


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