Monday, November 3, 2008

Mini update

I have been busy working like a fool since my birthday. I haven't had time to reply comments (trust me when i say i reply all comments....... in my head) or do blog rounds but i'm with u in spirit. What do pple mean when they say that anyway?

Thanks for all the belated birthday wishes. Simplegal actually took time out to send me an ecard and i have to give her a shout out for that. As for ending my previous post the way i did, i don't think u guys want to know what really happened. I don't even want to know what happened sef, so let's leave that matter.

I got to drink "Nigerian" fanta for the first time in 6 yrs. People who grew up in Nigeria know what i'm talking about. The taste is completely different from the Fanta here. It's much more sweeter with none of the carbonated gas or whatever it is called. I used to LOVE fanta when i was in Nigeria. I don't think there was a day that went by that i didn't fanta yet i still weighed 110lbs. I long for those days. Anyway, i get here, of course i made a beeline for Fanta the first chance i got and i was like what in the world of fanta hell is this crap? I stopped drinking fanta after that cos the disappointment was too much. Funny enough i hated coke back in Nigeria but after i gave up Fanta i switched to coke cos at least it tasted familiar.

Nigeriandramaqueen asked if Mr. Don't fall in love with me is the same person as Mr. So sweet he'll give u a cavity. Lady, have u been reading this blog? No, they are not the same person at all.
As for Mr. Don't fall in love with me, i'm kinda neutral about the whole thing. Nothing significant to report on that end.

Do u guys watch Dr. 90210 on E? Am i the only one that thinks Dr. Rey is fruity? What's up with his clothes? I don't even know if gay pple dress that way. The man just reminds me of a dandy. Too many colors. He's just off to me.

That's all for my randomness. Happy Belated Birthday to Solomonsydelle and TK. Sorry i missed all that excitement.


  1. Fanta...aaaahhhhhh! it taste so good. I still remember the TV advert..

  2. you reply comments in your head? that wont cut it missy!

  3. reply comments in your head. good luck. lol at Fanta, don't like it actually.

  4. mehn, i agree with u on Dr. Rey. if i hadn't seen his family, i'd say he was out-gaying himself. shame, cos d guy is super cute & his wife is so skinny i fear she'd snap into 2.

    i loved fanta as a kid, then 2 years ago i discovered coke & i haven't tasted fanta ever since. well, i've given up on coke too - am adding so much weight i can't lose so quickly

  5. 9ja Fanta tastes horrible now.

    FFF, you discovered coke 2 years ago; where have you been???

  6. What are u guys saying?... that 9ja Fanta is different from the one u take there? I thought all these all carbonated drinks are the same all over the world!

  7. @ oluwadee: lol. sure i knew abt coke, but 4 some reasons i just ddnt like d taste. until d date i drank it superchilled & i was converted! i even got addicted. it was so bad dat one time i hadn't taken coke 4 abt 2 days & i saw someone wit a bottle of coke, i wanted to rush @ d person & snatch it up. lol. crazy!

  8. i know the secret its dt new guy kipin u away 4rm bloggin abi?lol... we're cumin 4 his a**. stop doin random tinz n post proper

  9. lol @ dr ray's dressing - i've come to the conclusion that italians are like ibo's, and thats what his dressing reflects!!!
    (no offense)

  10. yea. i noticed dat he doesnt have a good dress sense.

    nd yea. i noticed the fanta thingy. it tastes so different. Coke or pepsi is closer to the naija one.

  11. Sorry, i missed ur Birtday babes, ope there is still some left over cake.
    Didnt know there was fanta that tasted different o

  12. OK BITE ME! HAPPY BELATED!!!!!!!! :(

  13. Yeah, you reply comments once in a full moon. Rubbish!!!

    Trust me, you don't want them to sell naija fanta here. Think about it though, are they selling unhealthy fanta in naija or what?

  14. Whats wrong with Fanta made and sold in naija? Its my best drink after sprite.

  15. I hate fanta..coke is it for me..i really need to stop my addiction tho..God help me!

    LMAO @ dr rey


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