Thursday, November 6, 2008

A day in the life

I'm starting to have a little bit of fun in my life much to the horror and displeasure of my mother. She would like me to sit at home and vegetate or whatever. Why else would she freak out that i'm going out at night (7pm?!!!!). I have been paying mind to her all these years, but i have decided to put my foot down. As much as i would like to have a boyfriend, she's one of the reasons why i chose not to seriously deal with anyone. I would never get to see him or spend time with him without it becoming an issue. Despite evidence that might point to the contrary, i do like peace in my life, although some "crazy" pple would call me a drama queen, but what do they know. You and i know better :-) This post is really not about her cos if i start on that topic, we'll be here 4ver and i really need to go sleep cos i'm working overnight at the hospital today.

Would u guys believe that i fell asleep while i was working at the hospital last sunday, then i overslept and instead of taking a 30minute break it ended up being an hour. I was freaking tired. This was after working 10hrs the night b4, couldn't get any sleep the next morning cos my sister and her fiance were around and the house was bursting with activity. Lord, talk about the noisy pple i'm related to. Then when i drag my tired ass to work at 7pm that day a patient almost attacked me. We had to take him down and i ended up hurting my shoulder cos i fell to the floor when we took him down. I so wanted to cry that night. You can't even imagine.

Anyway, i went to the Georgia Aquarium and the Sun dial at the Westin yesterday. The view from the Sun dial is beautiful. It's 75 floors up and it was the prettiest thing ever to see all the lights. The aquarium was really cool and the best part for me was the Titanic exhibition. We were not allowed to take pictures of that but i have some gorgeous pictures of the fishes.


View from the Sun Dial

Yay! I found Nemo..

I got to touch/stroke these. They are the softest things ever. I couldn't even feel them at first.


  1. Mothers! Do not get me started! Pele love! Err You my darling need to take it easy, ehn, I mean you work so hard. Please Nne, take it easy o. Dont work so hard. Ok those pictures are so beautiful! Have a great rest of the week.


  3. @ Temite...Don't burn o!!!

    Hey Sting...Glad to know you're having fun...Gal what do you expect from the species called mum...but as I always say(now) is short...cease the your your life!!!

  4. gud thing you're avin fun... dnt let ur mum wear u out

  5. Temite na wah for you. Why do I miss you like this?
    Stingess take it easy o! I envy you those pics.
    Mothers well sometimes cool other times not.
    Mine has resigned to the fact that I am a free spirit so I do what I want within limits of course!

  6. These pictures are simply beautiful. I almost ignored the post and focused on the pictures. Hope u don't mind my using someof em for my screen saver.

    I see u had so much fun. Gurl, u deserve it, especially after working so hard . . . in the craziest place imaginable for that matter. I've never been to a psych ward but i almost know what it feels like, thanks to ur stories.

    Mothers could be nagsters sometimes but then they are still mothers and that's what matters. Trust me, you won't know when u begin to do thesame thing ur mom's doing to ur kids sometime in the future.

  7. mothers...what can we do?
    Your pics are pretty sha, houston has an aquarium, i need to find time and visit one of these days.
    Pele hope your shoulder is ok now. take it easy.

  8. Mothers..kpele!

    Those pictures are stunning by the way! You make me wanna go to an acquarium right now!

  9. @Luscious ron or wetin be your name. If you were making a sarcastic comment, I go beat you o. No vex me at all! When I am done beating you i will also send awon boys to finish the job so gbo. I no dey joke o (I am beggining to believe I can actually do this, hehhehe). Fine girl, if you actually miss me then I gat nothing to tell you o since you know where I live and you can just come and visit. ehn!! I put this message at your place to so you dont miss it.
    @Sting - sorry about yelling on your page o, na Ron dey vex me o.

  10. I had to fight for my freedom from my own mother! But now we understand each other better and I love her. It took a while but I did it. Glad you are having fun. Keep it up.

  11. Hmmm nature is hard to cheat. Hope ur sleep was refrshing!

  12. this is so beau...was in houston last xmas n i didnt visit...was at the galleria every other day doing all sorts ;)

  13. Oh, mothers! I still have not composed that post about my mother. She is something else.

    Babe, you're having too much fun oh. Dash me small now. And uhm, you seriously need 2 find yourself another job. Dis one don pass rough play

  14. Wow..i agree with vera mehn, this ur job is tedious n frightenin to say the least..take it easy, abeg!

    Lovely pics..LMAO @ findin nemo


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