Tuesday, August 26, 2008

African dream customer service sucks!!!!!

I am so pissed off. If i was light skinned, i bet my whole body would be red right now. On top of the issues i'm having to deal with right now, one bitch, who is going to die a slow painful death has decided to add to my issues.

First of all, i will never buy AFRICAN DREAM phone card ever again. They have the WORST customer service i have ever encountered in my life. I am so pissed, i'm shaking. All for $5. It's not even about the money at this point. It's the blatant rudeness.

So i buy a phone card to call my friend in SA. I scratch the card, put in the pin number and they said "you do no have sufficient funds to make this call" Kini? I dial again, thinking i didn't hear right, same message. So like a responsible citizen, i dial their customer service number and explain my little problem. The girl starts off with an attitude and tells me that i used the card. Haba! I said i just dey scratch the card now now, i never even dial any number. so she's like hold on, i held on. She comes back after what feels like 4ever, i even thot she hung up, that's how long i had to hold. They don't even the courtesy of having a hold music, bastards. So she comes back and tells me that i used the phone card on the 20th from maryland to call Liberia. Wetin, wetin?!!!! First of all, i'm not in maryland. Maryland is a 12hr drive away from here. Secondly, i no know anybody for Liberia. I try to nicely explain all these very pertinent facts to the lady calmly oh, b4 i know wetin dey happen she don dey shout for me. I swear to God, i was shocked, because i was the one supposed to be yelling not her. She was like "Did u buy the card from me, what do u want me to do? You need to go back to the gas station". I was like, "why are u having an attitude........" B4 i could complete my sentence, oh girl don hang up the phone. To say i was shocked is an understatement.

So i called back, they put me on hold, picked the phone and hung up THRICE.... finally another person picks (these are all africans by the way, not nigerian accents, more like ethiopian accents). I try to explain to her, evidently they knew who i was cos b4 i could even finish, she starts telling me that i already used the card, that there's nothing i could do except go back to the gas station i got it from. I tried to explain that the card was not tampered with and the gas station does not do refunds on phone cards, as i'm talking, she's talking over me saying "ma'am, ma'am and pressing a button on the phone that makes a beeping sound so that i can stop talking. So i keep quiet and she repeats that i have to go back to the gas station, and b4 i can get another word in, she hangs up on me. Can u imagine?!!!

Of course, i'm pissed and i go back to the gas station. Do u think i got another phone card? NO!!! I didn't think i would cos in all honesty the gas station doesn't have to refund the phone card cos the problem is with the company not the gas station. The card wasn't tampered with, their records show the card was used in maryland, and we are not in maryland. So i know the gas station has nothing to do with this mess.

I dey vex, i dey vex, i dey vex .................... i need an outlet for this anger. I'm submitting a complaint on the FTC website. I am that pissed. I don't give a shit that it's $5. It's not about the money. I don't think anyone should be treated that way. Hanging up on me for what? God go punish all of them. Unexpected diarrhea to them all. Na so dey go dey shit for body for the rest of this yr.


  1. Dang. I can imagine how pissed off you are. That sucks. That's the thing about doing business with African people. We can soooo take each other 4 granted men.

    Sorry love. But at least, now I know not to ever buy that card.

  2. Sorry to hear about this...it's so frustrating when you a)have something bad like a faulty card happen to you and b)get grief from the customer service people! How aggravating.

    For me, getting what I deserve (good service and my $5) back would be a matter of principle and so not about the money either.

    Why don't you try going back to the gas station and explain what happened and get another card? If you buy cards from them regularly they'll probably just give you a replacement one.

    The reason I suggest this is that sometimes retailers have a deal with their supplier of various things that allows them to return faulty merchandise that is returned by the customer.

  3. Pele o. Na wa. Pple need to learn customer service from them T-mobile peeps. It doesn't matter that it was $5, that's still BS.

  4. its not but ur curses got me laughing. they need more training obviously. what probably happened with the card, like i know it does here in naija, some fraud people resealed the pin to make it look unused. im guessing.

    and funny enough, it happens more often than not at maryland, near ikeja. if u buy a card from traffic there, you r on ur own.

    report them please.

  5. stupid people, i bet u it is an out sourced company...report them jare. That's one thing i hate after poverty, bad customer service. Sorry my dear, take heart.

  6. African Dream? Duly noted....pele, I use the Goal card and have never had problems. I would launcha complain, send emails and or letters to their offices and threaten to publicize their fraud if they don't take action. See if that helps. It's work, but at least they'll know not to mess with people. I wonder if this is a recurring problem with their company.

  7. Welcome to the land of customer service HELL. There should be like, a body that we can report such things to, cos me I'm tired. I've had it from pretty much everyplace I've done business with.

  8. Lol @ all the insults..I swear there was a day I felt like bombing a company cos of that kind of shit…I could just understand why people go mad and send bombs all over the place..

    Calm down jare, they are so not worth it…they are all stuck in low earning jobs and already pissed with life…diarrhea will just kill them off…

  9. Ahhhh!!!!!
    Thant must have been soooo annoying. Babe, just have some wine, have some wine fast fast ooo before you shoot person.
    I would have probably called them back when my anger was at its hottest and tell them that i know where they live and i will pay them a visit! lol!

    Never mind dearie, just drink that wine!!!

  10. i can imagine how fucking pissd u were, me i expect excellent customer service, infact i demand it cos i think for me sha its if i can be subjected to wht im usually subjected to by customers and still manage to give good service then i also expect nothing less.

  11. i can imagine how fucking pissd u were, me i expect excellent customer service, infact i demand it cos i think for me sha its if i can be subjected to wht im usually subjected to by customers and still manage to give good service then i also expect nothing less.

  12. Darling am so feeling ur anger.
    I have also had my own share of bad customer service.

    Some of those companies hire mediocre staff and hardly train them.

  13. Seriously these people are just goats...its happens to me all the time, i buy a phone card it says you have 500 mins, after 30 mins the line cuts offf...fraudsters!!!

  14. lol. u shud get "safari" or "shulita". Some african peeps can be so rude!!. it really doesnt matter if it was $5 or 50cents those peeps are nasty!!! e reach to vex.

  15. i'da been so mad i'da been moved to tears.
    oh no they DIDN'T! i'm mad on your behalf!

  16. African dream abi, it's noted; I'll help you spread it around to others. Make sure you file a complain with the FTC.

    Most of these prepaid cards get away with stuff because majority of us that buy them are foreigners. (cards cutting unnecessarily and all what not)
    They know you will not want to go through the hassle of calling or reporting to the FTC. Prove them wrong, call. tell everyone you know about the card "African Dream", $5 or $5mil, it's a matter of principle

  17. It's unacceptable. Pls file a complaint. Most of these card companies are rubbish.

  18. What the FUCKREY!!!! I am so mad on ur behalf!!! Please file a compliant!! stuff like this gets me so riled up!!! arghhh!!! its called CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR A REASON!! feel better babe!!

  19. I am vexing here too. I hope this biz is not being managed by Naija sha. If yes, am disappointed in them

  20. lol... ok i shudnt be laughing. but.. damn were they rude!! yeah u shud report.. its not about the money.. but customers always come first and always right.. abeg who teah them their own customer care service mgmt(if there is a course like that)!!

  21. sorry darling!i know how customer care can be crazy. trust me pele love.

  22. this is kinda funny. I can understand why u are pissed though cos doing business with African pple can be a pain cos once they know they're dealing with a fellow African, forget customer service.

    African dream card is not good to begin with, they only give u half of the minutes announced.

  23. Damn Sting someone had it in for you. I know how you feeling cos AOL had me like dat once before...take it easy love!

  24. danggg!!

    dem gurlz are crayzie abeg.

    african dream jst lost bout a 100 customers considerin dis is blogville!

  25. i would be pissed. i always worry about this but you'd think if you bought 4rm a proper vendor they would help you. Not so i see.

    how the hell do you go about proving anything for $5. i hope those customer service numbers where free.

    arrggggh...i am so mad for you.

    anyway like you said don't buy those phone cards again

  26. if na me...

    will sweetly ask her name......

    then go to dia office to see dia manager......

    she craze???????

  27. NONSENSE!!! babe make I call Baba Arulogun for you...I think he would know a curse or two to place on those trifling bastards...

    I hope u made the complaint on FTC oo...

  28. bullshit...pele!

    i hope u've been able to take some action by now??

  29. Sorry about that, u shud try pingo (http://www.pingo.com). It is reasonable priced and more convenient, u can recharge online so u don't even need to worry about card #s, and u can register ur account with ur fone so it remembers ur password automatically allowing ur to go str8 ahead and dial ur destination # (it even has speed dial sef)..woo..I am yarning to much and they are not even paying me for advertising 4 them ...sha check it out..


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