Thursday, May 8, 2008

What it do?

Bee to flower: Helloooooo, my flower! I have returned........ a beautiful bee!

Sorry for the break in transmission. There was some slight malfunction in my medulla or cerebellum or whatever brain part is responsible for those things. I should know, shouldn't I, after all those biology and psychology classes i took. Whatever.

I feel like i have been away for a long time although it's only been a week. So what's been happening?

  1. I discovered my love for D'banj! After all these years. I still don't really like his music any more than i did b4 but i love his personality. He is so razz and i love it cos there's no sign of pretentiousness. I love him.
  2. Wande Coal. OMG!!! I was listening to the remix of "Why me" by D'banj and i was asking myself how come i never knew D'banj had such a sweet voice. Only for my brother to tell me it was Wande Coal. I'm such a fan. He is so talented. He's definitely coming to sing at my wedding.
  3. I'm looking forward to having kids (but not anytime soon). I was on the train with about 40 first graders yesterday and they were adorableeeeee, noisy but adorable. They were all so cute. What happened to all the ugly babies? I haven't been around kids that young in a very long time. Cuteness!
  4. My father was right when he said i looked like i gained weight. I did. I gained 10lbs. I almost had heart attack when i weighed myself. I thot the scale was broken, so i used another one and it was the same thing. One week and i'm down 8lbs. I think i have another 15lbs to go.
  5. My mother told how awesome and beautiful i am and all that good stuff. If i didn't know better i would think she read my blog.
  6. They decided to give me a $2 raise at my job instead of $1 after i told them that i couldn't do the $1 raise. I'm still looking for another job, or maybe i'll just get a second job. I'm broke
  7. I finally got a car. Whoo hoo!
  8. I'm looking for a rich, generous boyfriend. Keyword: Generous. I've had a rich stingy boyfriend b4. So, now i know it's not just enough to say i want a rich boyfriend. You have to specify. Oh, he has to be cute too.
  9. I really have a problem with guys who say "I love you" too soon. It worries me. I met this dude and we've been talking for 2 weeks. Keyword: TALKING. I've never met him and yet he has told me he loves me. I told him to stop and he said just because i don't feel the same way doesn't mean i should undermine his feelings. Okay oh! Sorry.
  10. I am freaking BROKE. Putting the down payment on that car cleaned me out literally.


  1. I didn't want to pressure you but I was wondering what was up and why you hadn't posted in so long!

    You have been busy! When I go away for a period of time everything's always the same in my life. Congrats on the car! What did you get?

    Must check out D'banj and Wande Coal (thanks).

    I think the fact that the noise of the kids didn't turn you off is a sign that you should have kids. Some people cannot stand hearing a peep from kids.

    Pele on the weight gain. Eight pounds lost in one week? If starvation or pills aren't involved, please hook a sista up (I don't do well with going hungry, and I can't even take my iron pills regularly!).

    Totally feel you on the saying I love you too soon and before you meet! I did read somewhere though that men fall in love sooner than women, generally speaking...weird eh?

    Congrats on the $2 raise. Two jobbing it isn't fun but with the car at least you'll be able to minimize the transportation time if it comes to that.

  2. Sorry I didn't associate your email with your blog. Silly me.

    First off Kudos to you for spending some time with 40 6 year olds!!

    Secondly, I'm amazed you lived to blog about it!

  3. Glad to see you back and livelier more positive too.

  4. dey cost o but at least you dont have to wait around for folks to carry you places.
    Oh and AMEN to a rich, GENEROUS boyfriend. Generous is the key word.
    Mennn I will do wande coal o (with a paper bag over his head...I'm sorry) That Voice ehnnnn!

  5. @original mgbeke: LOL @ the Wande Coal comment. I thot i was the only one that felt that way. He has a sweet voice, but e no fine like that.


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