Monday, May 12, 2008

Am i stressed or what?!

I'm kinda stressed right now. I just can't seem to relax. I went to get a touch up on Saturday, i just took out my braids on Friday and my stylist told me my hair cut off in the center of my head. So i told her to do whatever she needs to do to make it look good. I thot i would be getting a trim or something. This lady shaved my the back of my head. The style looks great, but i HATE it with a passion. It's too high maintenance and i have been trying to grow my hair back for 2 yrs now and the stylist keeps cutting it off for one reason or the other. I honestly think she gave me this bootleg haircut cos she was mad that i went to braid my hair and i didn't come to the salon for over 2 months.

I usually get my hair done every week, but matter done hard. I'm seriously broke and i can't afford to do that which is why i got my hair braided in the first place. Now she has gone to give me this stupid hair cut that would require weekly visits to the salon if i don't want to look jacked up.I'm so pissed and i feel so stupid for letting her cut my hair, although i didn't think this was what she wanted to do. She said cut but my brain was registering trim. She actually cut it with scissors but she whipped out the shaver at the end, and i just sat there like an idiot cos i thot she was looking out for me. I really think she did this on purpose cos after i got home, i remember that my hair didn't cut off when i was taking off my braids. I did the kinky twist and that doesn't cut hair off. I have a good mind never to go back to that stylist even though I've been going there for two years. She doesn't have my best interests at heart at all. I'm pissed at myself. I can't even work out cos i don't want to sweat and mess up my hair.

Moving on.............I feel guilty. I just told a guy that really likes me that i can't concentrate on him right now cos i need to focus on my exams and he said okay, let's just end everything right now. I was kinda iffy about the whole thing cos he lives in a different country but i didn't know how to straight up tell him cos i didn't want to hurt his feelings. Even today, i never told him i didn't want to date him, i just said i need to focus on school, but he took that to mean whatever. I still feel bad cos i think i hurt his feelings, but I'll get over it and I'm sure he will too. I don tire.

Anyone have any tips on how to relax (I don't drink or smoke, so that's out of the question)? I've been on edge since Saturday. It's like all the cells in my body are at attention. I've been thinking of yoga but i don't know the first thing about that.


  1. I cannot stand those types of stylist that do that! It's the reason why I go to beauty school, those girls aren't that bold plus I think they are scared of me since I'm extremely vocal about my hair. Just try to manage for now, I know how hard it is to grow out hair but now all you can do it make the best of it and work with what you've got. For the record, I'm furious for you!

    As for relaxing, the only way I know how is sex and red wine, but I beg o, I'm not saying it's for everyone lol
    and yes, your bobo will be fine.

  2. Of course notperfect got here before me *hiss*

    Pele about your hair, stingie...your tale has totally put my own minor hair woes from this past weekend into perspective so I won't complain about it until next week or something. At least the style is cute right?

    (I'm actually really sorry. My hair does not grow at all so I would probably be near tears when I left the salon. AND I'd never go back. She doesn't deserve your loyalty!)

  3. Forget all that stuff. Dancing and enya calms me down EVERYTIME.
    And don't even get me started on stylists who are over zealous with scissors.

  4. Pele o!..about your hair. That sucks when stylists think they know it all.
    As per the dude, he go dey ok. At least you didn't extend it and have him invest feelings in there.
    Relax:- Sleep, chill out and watch something on TV or somn. I don't know..I usually sleep or lie in bed and read a good book.
    Take it easy. :)

  5. lol @ notperfectdotcom. yeah yeah, sex is very relaxing if done right. if done wrong, it just makes ur tension worse.

    dancing relaxs me too. wen i really dance, & sweat, i just want 2 sleep. certain movies r so stupid, dat i just want 2 doze off. if none of these work, try sleeping pills

  6. maybe u shld change ur stylist but be careful. I think she shld know what u like by now and u shld feel more comfortable to explain how u like ur hair. It almost happened to me once when I was so out I cldn't explain how I wanted my hair to the stylist, I just left and went to cool off and then went back.

    Abt relaxing, I think u shld try yoga. I plan on doing that myself.

  7. Eeya pele o... I play with my nipples to relax. Weird but it works.

  8. lol at ollay!

    pele abt ur hair o!i can imagine how u feel

  9. @ notperfect: Yes oh, this one is too bold. As for sex and red wine...... unless i want to be having sex with myself, i don't know about that. I can't stand the taste of alcohol

    @goodnaijagirl: The style is cute but too high maintenance. I'm too broke for that.

    @Onydchic: I should try dancing, although it reminds me of exercise. What's enya?

    @original mbegke:I like the sleep or chilling and reading a good book advice

    @free-flowing florida: Sleeping pills ke? Those only come in handy when i'm about to have an emotional break down and i take some to escape. I don't have trouble sleeping though.

    @iwalewa: I am too tempted to change my stylist. Fear of the unknown.... We'll see.

    @ollay: Play with my nipples? I laughed when i read that. I can see how that would be relaxing....

    @pink-satin: I hear oh.

  10. get out that freakum dress n go out wit a couple of friends that always does it for me,,


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