Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Crazy People

Seems like there are a lot of undiagnosed, untreated mentally ill people in this country lately. It is actually quite alarming. The news these days is a daily nightmare to the point that I have become an ostrich. I would rather bury my head in the sand, but there's just no escaping it. There used to be mental asylums in the United States but those were all closed down, laws changed and now we have a lot of lunatics roaming the streets. Their family members are unable to do anything because it's hard to commit an adult to psych just because you think they need it.

I just watched a video that scared the crap out of me. Since early October I've been driving all over for interviews. I literally drove 1000s of miles, at least 3000. On my way back from the first interview i had in December I noticed a car was tailgating me like crazy. I hate that and I don't do it to people if i can help it. I would rather just pass if i can and let you go on your merry way. Anyway, this car was tailgating me so i switched lanes to the slower lane and they switched lanes also right behind me. It was dark and I had no clue who was in the other car but i was getting uncomfortable. So i  switched back to the fast lane and they drove up beside me and were going the same speed. It was obvious whoever was driving was trying to antagonize me. I have no clue what i did but i must have done something, only Jesus knows. I deliberately decreased my speed just so this lunatic could go away. Just when i thought this person was gone, about 5 mins later they were right behind me again with their light on high beam. I almost had a heart attack because it was so unexpected. Like this person just drove right behind me and put on their high beam. I was like which kind wahala is this. I just wanted to get home in peace.

As soon as i could i switched lanes to be behind a truck and slowed down significantly because I wanted to make sure i didn't run into this mad person again. I have no interest in being in any kind of road rage. I have a friend who almost has a heart attack every time she's driving because she is such an awful road rager.
 Everything and everyone annoys her on the road and she gets really heated. I don't get it. I can't be having high blood pressure everyday because of people i don't know. She's even screamed and pushed on MY horn when i was driving her one day. I had to tell her to cool it. She's comfortable doing this because she thinks everyone is sane, until she meets a truly crazy person on the road one day. We had a rotation together and we were neighbors at the time so we rode together sometimes. It was an interesting month. I am a driving to relax kind of person. I put on my music and relax while driving. I've had a lady scream at me and flip me off before and I just grinned and blew her a kiss (it pained her!!! lol. Cos she screamed some more before driving off). I think i cut her off, but it wasn't that serious.

This all started when she flipped the lady off. I bet that chic will never flip another driver off on the road again for the rest of her life. Craze pass craze. But for real though, what's with all the crazy people in this country this days? It's become so pervasive. It's sad that at a time when they are most needed, there is a major shortage of psychiatrists in the country. 
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