Friday, November 28, 2014

On Linda Ikeji......................

I've changed my mind. I will keep my opinion to myself. I mean who died and made me judge of anyone? How is it my business if all she wants to post on Instagram are pictures of herself in designer outfits, shoes and bags? Given the fact that she has never been known for her intellect, i think it is unfair to expect that just because she is great at compiling news, gossip and sponsored posts and has made a name for herself doing that, she would use her "fame/voice" for a more worthwhile cause than flaunting her newly acquired wealth. Who will be the next Oprah Winfrey? Most likely not Linda Ikeji, she doesn't seem interested in that sort of thing.  She spent 24 million naira on a car.  Okay. But why do we need to know that? Is it part of the culture now to not only flaunt new possessions but also throw around the amount it cost or is it just a problem that people who are just seeing money for first time have?  #justsaying

I mean I'm absolutely almost certain that Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Marc Jacobs and whatever name designer now give their products to naija celebrities for free to promote. So Linda "chopping money" Ikeji is most likely not wasting her money and even if she is, how is that my business? I'm sure that a lot of people who look up to her as a role model know not to focus on that side of her. I'm sure that they are sensible enough to solely focus on the fact that she is a self made millionaire and aspire to be like her in that aspect and not be blinded by material things that have no meaning in the long run. Never mind the fact that she doesn't seem to be too concerned about securing and building the brand that is her cash cow. God forbid she spends any money to get her own domain name, employ writers, assistants or whomever she needs to grow as a brand.

It's really not my place to be irritated at seeing so much potential go to waste. I should have just gently closed my mouth, lowered my raised eyebrows and Xed out of her instagram page the day i mistakenly landed on there. Just because I don't value material things does not mean i should look down on or judge someone who seems so superficial and shallow enough to fill her IG page with painstaking details of her designer outfits. If this was just any random female, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. I have long  accepted the fact that some females are lacking in depth. But this is Linda Ikeji! The Linda Ikeji!!!  The "role model" who crawled her way to the top through blood, sweat and tears. The one who unleashed her legion of power rangers on Toke Makinwa who dared mentioned the fact that she isn't a role model. Forgive me for expecting more, but i did. I did! I really did.

If Linda Ikeji is so proud of the fact that she didn't have to sleep her way to the top, I would think she would use her instagram account and blog to raise awareness about social issues that are pertinent to women in Nigeria and become an advocate for women who don't have a voice. She has done that in the past and has achieved amazing results so i think i can be forgiven for expecting more and allowed to be more than a little disappointed when I get on her Instagram account and all i see are pictures of her and the effort she puts in  listing every single designer she is wearing, picture after picture after picture as if they are paying her. Tacky much?!

Linda Ikeji is obviously not my mother's daughter because if she was, she would "hide herself". LOL. She would not only hide herself, she would also not be so obviously materialistic and taken by brand names. Nobody needed to ever know how much she was making from her blog, that she was building a house for her father, how much she paid for her 2008 Camry and 2014 Range or that she even bought those cars. It is nobody's business but her's, but stupid is as stupid does. I guess Lagos is really as safe as people say. But then again, maybe I'm the problem! Maybe i've been out of Nigeria for too long and no longer know that it is now the norm to be so materialistic and obvious about it. Gbo gbo bigs girls level? Abi? I must be missing something. Isn't Uche of Bella Naija in Nigeria? I wonder what type of cars she owns and how much she paid for them. How many designer items has she managed to acquire? Hmmmmm.......I'm not going to sleep tonight thinking about it! This is vital information that i absolutely need to know! *rolls eyes*

Anyway, like i said earlier, nobody died and made me judge so i need to focus on taking the log out of my eye before removing the speck in someone else's eye. So i will jejely keep my opinion to myself and face front. Nobody asked me and it's not my business.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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