Friday, November 14, 2014

Dating outside your race vs social circle

Whenever people ask why i don't date Caucasians, my simple answer has been that I have never been asked out by a white person (I have been asked out/hounded by a Persian guy years ago but his garlic breath was an otherworldly experience and he didn't stand a chance in both heaven and hell).

Anyway, I guess i need another excuse because today I was asked out on a date by a white cab driver! Reason numero uno why i like America. I can just imagine a cab driver asking a doctor out in Nigeria while driving her around. LOL....he wouldn't even do it. The program I interviewed at today got me a cab to take me to and from dinner yesterday and  pick me up and drop me off at the different hospital sites today. I drove down to the city, but did not want to drive myself around if i didn't need to, plus they were paying so why not. When he picked me up this morning, he was like, you look really nice and I said thank you. I sat in front with him and we actually got talking. He asked me what i like to do for fun, if i think i want to live in the area. He is nice guy, has a daughter, baby mama is in rehab for drugs and alcohol, so he is a single parent. He is in his mid 20s, he drives a cab full time and his goal is to own his own taxi company. So he is ambitious as in, he wants to do something with the cab driving business. When he came to drive me to the second site, he asked me what I was doing after the interviews were over and if i would like to go to the movies later. I shut that down real fast but very nicely.

 My people say if you wan eat frog, make you eat the one wey get egg. If i take him home my mother will use her shoe and chase us out of her house. Plus just no! No! Just No! I guess i could start defending myself and saying there's nothing wrong with dating a cab driver but one thing two thing, blah blah, but i would just be lying to myself. Notice i asked him what's next after cab driving and he said he wants to own a cab company which is awesome, but e still get as e be in ways I would rather not get into right now.

Some people are either just plain uncouth or have long since run out of fucks they don't remember the last time they had one to give. So i went into the bathroom at the hospital to arrange myself before interviews. This nurse or health worker (don't know, she had scrubs on) came into the bathroom, I was talking on the phone and walked into the stall next to her. I just wanted to pee and get out. Other normal human beings would wait a few minutes before letting it rip as there was someone else around. Do you think this woman did that? No! It didn't sound like she had diarrhea plus she leisurely strolled into the rest room, so she could have waited 2 mins. She just started pooping, sounds and all and the stench had me running out the door. Forget soap to wash my hands, I just used water and ran out. I was like, Jesus you need to come down soon because your people need lots of help. Ahn ahn.....who does that?
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