Friday, October 17, 2014

Clown with her pants down

I managed to charm my way into leaving an hour early today.
 Hasta la vista CICU!.
See you on Monday. Sadly. 
I had a huge mug in one hand, Ipad and note book in the other, Stethoscope, Pocket medicine, maxwell, reflex hammer, papers, crap, more crap and a bottle of water in my white coat pockets.
I felt like a coat hanger.
Am I wearing the white coat or is the white coat wearing me? 
That's debatable on most days

As i took quick, giant, don't look at me, don't talk to me strides to the elevator, I notice this dude looking at me. Kind of used to that. The looks. I'm quite a sight on most days. 
Scrubs and Converse almost don't go together in the ICU, not very professional but at least i didn't wear my pink pair today
Still, i took a cursory look at thy self and noticed my scrub pant strings were hanging a little far down to be properly tied.

I got on the elevator with a large group of people and with some stealth ninja moves as i'm practically arm less, I checked and Yep, my pants were untied
Oh boy! 
I got off the elevator and what do you know, all those people got off with me. 
As i walked I felt my pants sliding down.
I didn't need to be psychic to know this will not end well. 
So I struggled to free one hand and in the process spilt some tea on myself but at least i could attempt to hold my pants up.
So I'm walking in front of the people i got off the elevator with holding my freaking pants up with one hand.
 I knew there was  no rest room close by and there was no way i could keep walking holding my pants up and struggling with the freaking huge mug, ipad and notebook in front of all those people
So i calmly respected myself and stopped by a window so they could walk by me,
Ignored the guy walking towards me making no attempt to disguise the fact the he was looking at me holding my pants up. Son of a bitch!
then I jejely grabbed both pants strings firmly,
owned the fact that i looked like a clown and made my way to my locker,
which required walking down three long halls, getting on another elevator and going up 9 floors. 

But i made it without dropping trou

*forcing thyself to write*

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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