Saturday, March 1, 2014

I survived!

Yesterday was my last day at the MICU. Total causualties that were mine - 3, I think 2-3 more people passed away on the team, so that's 6 total deaths. Way more than i had seen since i started rotations in 2012. Way too much!!!!

But I SURVIVED! Funny enough i kind of wish i was there for another week, so i was finally getting the hangs of thing and my Attending this last week was AWESOME. The best! But i was a good experience, i learnt so much, both medical stuff, social issues, end of life issues, brain death, withdrawing care, I really liked this rotation, but hating the 12 hour days and having to be on my feet most of the time.

We were supposed to give a presentation as part of our grade. The other med student on the other team, prepared and gave his to his. I never completed my power point, i went there hoping no one remembered. The other team remembered, but thankfully my team was swapped that day, so none of us was able to go for it and the other team members including their attending can't grade me, so i think i'm good. I really didn't want to do that presentation. I hate public speaking. I thought i had escaped it by not doing a PhD, but apparently it's a big part of medicine.

So how many of you have gone to the pure romance website and bought something. I know Myne did. Thanks sis. I'll be doing a give away shortly, when i get over this headache and exhaustion.


  1. Eeya pele, looks like ur finally getting used to these things. Good fo u dear.xoxo

  2. Being a med student is so morbid. Sting, I fear you. I seriously fear you. I would have passed out long ago. You are my superhero


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