Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hello Lovers, strangers and friends,
I really want to apologize to you guys. It seems like 2014 has not been a good year for blogging for me. I think the main reason for that is because I went back to paper journaling because that was a better outlet for me and as a result blogging suffered. I'm not a big fan of censoring myself when i write and i wanted to be able to work through and process things without annoying anyone in the process.

As usual, life has not being butterflies and rainbows but i'm dealing. I'm taking this medical humanities elective which has gotten the right side of my brain on overdrive. I just finished editing my short story for the class and recorded myself reading it aloud and i really like the story. I'm going to get back to drawing again, i'm excited about that.

If i haven't been commenting on your blogs, it's because i haven't been reading your blog. There was a time when not a day goes by that i don't read blogs. These days, I can go days without even opening my own blog. I hope i get back into the mood to blog but i'm just going with the flow and i make no promises only apologies.

The winner for the pure romance give away is Myne.

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I love you guys,

P.S Can someone explain to me why my COMING OUT THE CLOSET post has over a thousand views? LOL. Amebo people, you thought i was gay abi? 


  1. Pele Ms. sTing. I applaud you for juggling medicine, blogging, and every other thing you have going on. We understand and will be here to read and comment whenever put up a new post.

    The title of your closet post was just too irresistable. Me sef, I'm coming out of the drawer - I enjoy the African Comedians. Foxy P and the touts are doing a great job. God bless their hustle!

  2. To be honest, that was what i thought . Lol

  3. LOL... the title of that post was irresistible! My mouth was open before I even read it...hahaha #amebotinz. Anyway, I hope life is treating you good--that you got matched to the program of your choice? I've been waiting for a post on your match. You know we are all on your med school journey with you :p

  4. I like how sincere you put it as opposed to the usual 'I read your blogs but I just don't comment' you get usually. It usually doesn't make sense either
    Prioritize your time dear, and come back when you're done
    All the best x

  5. Nice to see you drop in...all the best with the elective.
    I was sceptical that you'd be gay but I still got pulled in by the title...you got me there! lol

  6. It's not easy ms. Sting. I'm here for you. Me too I thought u were gay o...funny girl


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