Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pure Romance on Valentine's day!

*This is NOT a paid advertisement. It's my christian duty to spread the word to you guys. I share good stuff cos i'm nice like that ;)

I just had to force myself out of this MICU induced (by force) hiatus to help you people out. You can thank me later. Valentine's day is 2 days away and i have been meaning to blog about this since last weekend but by the time i make it home everyday, all i want to do is curl up in bed, rest my aching muscles and watch netflix. Yes, it's that bad. Anyhoodle, I am really excited to tell you guys about my latest discovery, what i have dubbed "Victoria's Secret with a Kink".

One of my sisters is a consultant for this company called Pure Romance. I had never heard of them and when she sent me the link a couple of weeks ago, i didn't get a chance to even look at it, until this past weekend. Like i said, it's like Victoria's secret with a kink. They sell sex toys and relationship-enhancement products *cough cough*...........but wait! Not only that, they have a bath and body line, where they have products such as Bosom buddy Jar (a tingling lip and nipple balm), Kiss and tell (tingling lip gloss), Pulsa bath ball (vibrating foam sponge), Save my skin (stretch mark reducer), and  Basic instinct (sex attractant) LOL, only Jesus knows what that is. The description says "Enhance your natural allure with Basic Instinct. This roll-on sex attractant uses pheromones to release a scent that is unique to you". Una wey dey find husband (or wife), this might just be the perfect product for you.

They also have products for sexual health (I'm discovering more stuff as i write this blog post. Mind is being blown. That vibrating foam sponge doubles as a vibrator, by the way. Wowzers. Back to sexual health stuff, they have products designed to help you "exercise your love muscles - to assist in sexual perfomance, bladder control, and vaginal elasticity". Ladies, ladies, ladies....I have done my ob/gyn rotation, i know how that vaginal childbirth can do a number on you. The lord has sent me to answer your prayers today. No need to thank me. Check out that Like a Virgin- 24 hr tightener. Tell me i did not just answer someone's prayer right now :) I'm guessing the balls are for kegels? Someone needs to try it and tell us how it works.
Seriously though, they also have gift ideas and as valentine's day is coming up, this would be perfect for some people, which is why i made a conscious effort to drag myself out of my stupor to post this before it's too late. Although, you can and should continue to shop there after valentine's day.

No, i'm not being paid for this. My sister is a consultant and i will be providing a link to her page. She has agreed to do a give away for you guys. I asked nicely. I don't believe in making people jump through hoops, so the only criteria for the giveaway is that you visit the site through the link i provide and come back and tell me which product you would like to try in the comment section. I will randomly select a winner. How's that for a valentine's gift?

I will also put her banner on the sidebar, and you can click on that to take you to the site. I think it's a pretty good business idea also, for people who are looking to start something. It's very reminiscent of Avon and Mary Kay but with more exciting products. I made these banners by the way #patontheback (I only do things like this for family).
click me!!!
If you decide to buy their products, be a dear and use my sister's link. Make her your consultant o. This is my sister and not from another mother. She also host parties too in case you are looking to host a bachelorette or birthday party or girls night etc etc.

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  1. Nobody commented on this?? Incredible! I have been MIA for too long o. These products mean business lol. That Pulsa Bath Ball for the win though :D


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