Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm complaining

The only good thing about this morning so far is that it is 23 degrees instead of the usual below zero, so i won't freeze to death while walking from the parking lot to the hospital in scrubs. I just forced myself to eat breakfast and now i'm typing this instead of getting ready because i really don't want to go. My whole body aches like i was in the farm chopping firewood or digging. I have to be out of this apartment in 30mins so i can get there on time at 7am. In two weeks, i have only been on time once. I don't care anymore. 

Yes, i'm complaining today. I really am. I need a rich husband so i can say bye bye to medicine.


  1. Rich husband?...ahahahahaha,.....ok oo, .....then I would assume you would have chosen Money when I asked :Money or Love? in this my post: http://newdawn40.blogspot.com/2014/02/a-very-simple-question.html
    Rich husband or not, you would still work your a$$ off as a doctor! E kpele o :)

  2. Ha, you'll get get your rich husband to build you a clinic in your backyard. Pele sha...

  3. lol come let me introduce you to an arab prince :P

  4. Such a time when one asks: Is this all there is to life? I'm sure you are out of that mode by now. Ndo! :)


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