Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just a thought : I don't like wahala or do i?

To whom much is given, much is expected. 

Some people by virtue of hard work, luck, or whatever end up in a position of authority (used very loosely in this context) where people look up to them and their word means something. I understand that not everyone likes confrontation and some people do their best to avoid it. Personally, i don't see myself as someone who looks for trouble because believe it or not, i like to mind my business. However, i have been known not to run away from trouble and i might embrace it too hard on occasion. LOL, but that's just me. Certain issues mentally stimulate me and i go with the flow.

I think if you are the kind of person who would do anything to avoid confrontation/controversy at all cost and you never take a firm stand on any issue to the point where it seems like you are talking out of both sides of your mouth, that is never a good thing. You want to ride that fence so hard just so you don't piss anyone off or you tend to go with the popular opinion. Eventually, people will see it and you will lose credibility really fast. There is a fine line between not wanting wahala and not having an opinion of your own (or should i say not revealing your true opinion). We can't be diplomatic all the time.

Show me what you got, boo!


This is a really random post. I know. This is what goes on in my head sometimes, random shit. Welcome.

Also, i just have to add that the ONLY reason i picked up my computer from under the table where i put it was to google why i have been so gassy these days. I mean, air is coming out from my front end and back end with a bloated stomach to boot and i haven't eaten anything different. No, this is not period things. How i ended up with a blog post and not searching for the solution to my problem, only Jehovah knows. It's this bad habit that keeps this blog running cos if i was a disciplined and focused person, there would no blog post till further notice. I know the gbese that is waiting for me, yet i still find time to write crap. I need Jesus. I'm sure plenty of you would agree. I agree too. 

You people should help me look at the one that wants to marry a doctor and has rejected 20 suitors. I could only shake my head. Some people have too much self confidence, it has become a pathology aka arrogance aka you will die alone.


  1. laughing.....you are funny....no, you don't like wahala....I would describe it as...trouble dey sleep, but yanga go wake am up! :D

    Yes, there is a thin line...just know where to draw the line, and diplomacy does not work in all situations...simply know where and when to pick your battle.

    ....it's definitely something you have eaten to cause that gassing and bloating since you are not expecting aunty flo.

  2. When I need to laugh, I click on NigerianScorpio.com. You don't like wahala makers. For the gassing, since it's front and back, maybe you need to do some splashes of hot water (not very hot o) in the front.

    1. Thanks sis. Thankfully that problem has resolved.

  3. Even me sef tire for the girl that want to marry doctor....Her arrogance was just vexing me I wanted to pull her hair...

    She just de pose 'self confident' (turned arrogance) to cover her insecurities...I hope it works out for her sha...Like she said at the end, she fit end up marrying a non-doctor, short bald man... :)


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