Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hope and Haters

Am I back? Not really, no. I find a lot of inspiring stuff online and i like to share. They help me get through life and i am sure they could help someone else too.

I just watched Toke's vlog on how to handle haters, funny delivery. As used and abused as that word is, I have never had one, at least not to my knowledge. What am i doing wrong? Is my life so horrible that no one wants to hate on me? How do i acquire haters, biko? People in the know, tell me. Maybe i am not just looking hard enough.....hmmm. Who will be my first hater and how will i know when i have one?

P.S. I just scheduled two posts for next week, so i can go back to my battle in peace.

ETA: I was being facetious about wanting a hater. I just think too many people misuse that word and even if i did have haters, i would more than likely be oblivious to them because you are usually conscious of things you are looking for.


  1. Maybe they're afraid to show face. If you want 2 know them, do something very big. It's gud 2 have them though, for improvement. They'll tell you can't do something & you'll want to prove them wrong...

  2. lol... even Jesus had haters, so looking harder. u would b surprise that they are that close....

  3. The word is a funny one, but yeah we all can't be sugar all the time, and some have more sour and spice than others, or that they know what to do it, and it spills over. Don't wish for haters o, you might get the type you won't like :)

  4. I want to be your first known hater. You rub this medical school in so hard that I cannot help but hate your guts lol!. Remember you've got a lot of silent haters reading your blog and also several admirers although you haven't met them in person. Be careful what you wish for because I am sure it will not be fun if you meet one of your haters in person.

  5. He is right u know, be careful what u wish..
    In dat context I shld also let u know dat I also hate ur guts, hate dat no mata how hard it gets in med school, u hang in dere, u strain, u stretch but u don't break. I hate d fact dat u still find moments to laff and to share ur life with us, d fact dat u still manage to find humour in all d stress.
    Hmmm, 2 haters. Dat makes u officially a celebrity. Lol
    Hang in dere gal, ur an inspiration.
    PS: can't believe how much I missed reading from ur blog.

  6. I guess medical school is not making you aware of your haters...I am sure there are those who think you are beefing you just for attending medical school is well sha...Toke and her haters seems to be loving their love-hate relationship.


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