Sunday, September 9, 2012

My life!!!!! Jehovah!

I didn't need to bribe that kid after all. He really did way better after he got off NPO and could eat again. Peds has been quite an interesting experience. The hours are long (6am-5pm on a good day. I stayed till 7pm the other day), and the expectations are high. They just throw u in there, and you better swim. All those months i blew off CER (where they teach us clinical skills in 2nd yr), has come back to severely bite me in the ass. I am learning the hard way that they are not joking when they say own your patient. Na so o.Today i said the kid had belly breathing, cos when i was examining her, her belly was moving really fast and hard, my intern said she didn't see the same so apparently i don't know what belly breathing looks like. Don't ask me to differentiate lung sounds or heart murmurs, you will so be on your own, but those are the skills they expect you to have. Most of the H&P practice we had was with adults, now u have to tailor it to kids. I feel like i'm under pressure all the time. Hardly ever get a chance to eat lunch cos there is no scheduled lunch unless u have a noon lecture or conference or something.

I asked my intern what's a good app to come up with differentials and she said the best app is my brain. I was like hahaha....that's a good one, but in my mind i was like idiot. If i knew the stuff would i need to still be a student. I don't blame her sha. I found a good app Diagnosarus and didn't mind paying the $1.99 for it. I shall not be dulling. I can't wait to be an attending. I need to figure out a game plan for my life that involves the least amount of stress and the most amount of happiness and enjoying my life. Medicine was a mistake so i need to turn it to my advantage and make the best of it somehow.

I got to present for the first time today and i never got a chance to go over my assessment and plan with my intern. The presentation was a mess. My voice was shaky and i was nervous and could barely get my words out. I got through it though. Have to practice for tomorrow, cos this is an everyday thing. I guess it will not be so stressful once i get used to it. Rounds are like 2-3 hours every morning. I miss Anesthesia where there was no rounding. This shit is for the birds abeg. Just when i thought we were done presenting for the day, i got a new patient and we had to staff with the night shift senior resident, i didn't even know in what format they wanted it. Thank God the other JMS (Junior medical student) went before me so i saw how she did hers. Everything is so short notice too. Too much pressure and stress for me. Maybe i will just go into Psychiatry.

As an aside: To all my friends, fans and foe alike that read this blog and don't comment, make una no let me vex o. I'm standing (yes standing) here after 12 hours, no lunch, aching feet and updating you guys so you better say something. Don't whatsapp me (you know urself lol) or text me. Comment on this post. Thank you.

Yes, i am making an effort to update so make an effort to comment. I no dey joke o. I don't know what there is to comment on this post, but say something, even if it's hi, i'm a Nigerian prince and i'm about to send you money. LOL.

Bah bye.


  1. Aww.. pele, sorry, ndo (take your preference). YOu have to remember why you choose medicine. As a matter of fact..why di you choose medicine?

    Invest in energy bars, zip- lock bags full healthy snacks and a nice stock of Dr. Scholls inserts. what shoes are you wearing during your rotations?

    Best of luck..

    Pls let me know if there is anything I forgot to comment on in this post.. lol


  2. Hi, I'm a Nigerian Prince and I've just wired some money into your account ;)

    Seriously, I'm one of those - I read all your updates and... I don't comment! I'll do so more often.

    Lmao @ your intern's response to your app question, very sharp mouth!

    Keep at it, it will all be worth it. Hope you're able to get good sleep.

  3. LMAO! But really, the best app IS your brain!
    Lol, u gotta realize the interns too are learning.

  4. Hi. I'm a Nigerian prince but I don't have money to send. For the intern mind she wise abi?? Mscheww ozuwo! Anywho, it seems like your enjoying it so far. I mean it seems stressful but I think I peep a smile forming at the corner of you mouth. No? Well try and enjoy it the best way you can even if its mentally insulting this ummm very sharp mouthed intern intermediately.

    Have a wonderful week. No matter what, know that GOD hasn't left you so you will survive.

  5. I am a Ghanaian princess. I'll only send money if you send me your fullbank account details :D

  6. lwkmd ooo, I must comment. Go see comment now,lol

  7. lol.. but how can people be sending comments to whatsapp..?! special people exist sha.
    like Adura said.. keep at it.. it'll be worth it. all the work now is what makes the whole story beautiful in the end.
    before starting each presentation.. breath in and out, deeply. then when you start speaking, pay more attention to your words then the environment. you'll be good..
    henjoy !!

  8. It is not easy to be a doctor oh...all the best madam sting.

  9. Ah! May God not let you vex for me biko.

    Ndo, nwanne'm

    Lmao @ the app... remember back in the old days when student doctors had no apps? (No, ofcourse you don't remember, you weren't a student then)

    Thank God for technology

  10. Hi!
    Good luck doctoring. Sorry I don't have anything else to say, but this is a comment, sha.

  11. I am an East African princess and am sending plenty of love your way:)

  12. Just that girl that's sending good vibes your


  13. Oh I read your updates all the time but I don't comment often cos I am scared of you. Lol! I don't know how on earth you are doing what you are doing. Sometimes, I am like, abi is this lady playing a prank on me or something? Medecine! Is it THIS crazy? How is she coping....?

    Pele, God will continue to help you cos I honestly do not know any human being who truly can meet all your needs. You are living some life my dear but I get the feel your drama is for our amusement, abi? That is the only way I can stop panicking for you.

  14. Hi, i'm an ijebu princess. A sack of crunchy garri coming your way lol

    Babe, i respect your strength o. It can't be easy and i trust you to pull through. You'll be fine ma'am *hugs*

  15. *covers face* I read your blog but never comment...funny cos i took step 1 a week after you and I'm about to start rotations so I love that I can read your blog and follow up with similarities..

    When you find out how to make medicine into an advantage pls let me know oh. I've dreamt of everything from finding a time machine waiting for me to reverse the years to looking for an alhaja to pay me my years of tuition back so I can stop..... you've put in this much work so it'll all be worth it in the end and you'll laugh at these times! God dey!

  16. laughing, always the humourist.
    I no go comment, so vex!

    ok, i don change my be my own now....but all these grammar you dey speak, i no understand ooo...ahahahaha #joking#

    seriously now, i doff my hat for dokitor's o! shiooo, una dey try o.
    BUT you are having fun sha, dealing with different personalities, abi no be true?..ehehehe.
    take care.

  17. I am a Nigerian prince and I want YOU to wire money into MY account! LOL..

    Have a lovely week dearie.

  18. Guilty as a fully loaded naija's not a easy something to be a doctor * in jenifa's voice*. Lol.......pele

  19. My advice: Derm, Occupational medicine, PM&R.....Anesthesia if it wasn't such early hrs (i am not a morning person). My own specialty, Neurology, was low key and easy in med school, next thing it became hard work in residency....sha still love my field...i think :)

    1. I saw this Nigerian neurologist today. She dey fall una hand o. She looked so not put together. I plan to introduce myself eventually. Thanks for the tips. I like anesthesia but don't love it. The OR is too cold. No Derm for me in this lifetime or next cos i will not be attending med school in my next life. I will look into occupational medicine and PM&R. I heard people look down on PM&R doctors, why is that?

    2. Hmm never heard of the PMR snub. AT my institution we rely on them heavily and the attendings and residents have been hardworking and knowledgeable. At my institution they can do their own EMGs, some regional blocks for pain and manage our spinal cord patients.

  20. pele Sting. I dont know how you are able to blog with your work load. super commitment!
    Take am easy and own this medicine jare. we 've got your back. best wishes as always!


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