Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I ended up with Gunners

.....I'm not exactly sure but what i do know is that i  have gunners on my team. I was SO pissed off today, i had to go to the bathroom for 10 mins to readjust my attitude. It's all about hiding your feelings and smiling regardless of how you really feel inside. I'm not trying to earn myself a bad grade. Inpatient peds is 40% of our peds grades so i'm on my best behavior. Every wednesday we have lectures, unless you are on call, you don't go back except if the lecture ends at 2 or something like that cos we are technically supposed to be there until 5pm (we have only ever left at 5pm once, thanks to a resident who God will bless abundantly. 6-6.30 is more like it. ). Anyway, lecture ends at 3.40pm today, all the other teams head on home except those on call. what did my team decide to do? They all wanted to go back for no good reason. One said, we will look bad if we don't go back, another one (my partner cos we have the same intern) said our intern wanted to go over her progress notes with her (I heard the intern tell her she will email feedback to us, unless we finish early then she can talk about it), then she also said what if they are swamped and need our help. Only one other guy was on my side, but as majority rules, i sucked it up and went back with them.

I really was pissed sha. So we get back and only one intern was in the team room. We pretty much sat there for an hour and half doing NOTHING. When my intern eventually came into the room an hour later, she completely ignored us cos she was busy. Then the senior resident (Same one who let us leave at 5pm yesterday) on nights came in and eventually asked what we were doing there and my intern was like nothing, that we came back after lecture (very unappreciative of that fact by the way by the way she responded). It was past 5 by this time, then the senior resident asked us to pack our jigida and leave. 5.30pm! I could have been home 2 hours ago. None of us did anything except sit there. They didn't even expect us to come back. When i pointed this out to my team and said we should all agree on what to do for next week, they still insisted they would like to play it by ear and go back in case other teams go back. No other team went back except us. Besides other teams are on other floors in the hospital, how d hell will our resident know what other teams are doing? The SMS on our team last month explicitly told me no one goes back after lectures or pathways cos there no need for that. I'm just done with them but i don't have a choice but to go with the majority.

Then one of them pissed me off the other day, telling me how to do stuff for my patient in front of the attending. Stuff i already knew and did but he was correcting me unnecessarily. He just tagged along o, but on our way there he was walking so fast (as the residents and attending like to do) and i could barely keep up. There was nothing urgent to do. I just needed to make sure we had a spanish interpreter available for discharge and pull the discharge papers from the chart, yet this guy was sprinting, almost making me run to keep up with him, when it was my patient and he was tagging along with me. I just said fuck it and let him go. He ended up being at least 6 steps ahead of me. I don't have power for all that paparazzi. When we go for intern morning report, he takes over and starts answering questions. I thought he was a Junior med student, not an intern. I don't think it's wrong to chime in, but usually we let the interns answer the questions and if they want to involve the med students, they open it up.

Anyway, na look i dey. I don't think i like peds. Too much walking around and talking. I can't wait to be an attending. I'm over all this.


  1. over-sabi people, they are so easy to is well.

  2. Imagine having someone like that with a concentrated Italian accent. He argues with everyone until he wins. He uses lame ass speeches, analogies and illustrations to answer the easiest questions. Everyone basically got tired of him at some point and we just wait for him to finish.
    And he waits for the most boring, unnecessary, tiring and long classes that everyone is just trying to put up with cause of attendance sake to ask lame ass questions. 'Ask' is putting it well, argue with the teacher is more like it. He doesn't ask and wait for answers, he asks, replies himself and basically continues to teach the whole class, just to feel smart.
    And then guess what? 99% of the time, if you bother to pay attention, you are on your own because he's blabbing dust. Sometimes, the teachers just nod because they don't even understand him. Since we spent more time with him, we got used to his accent.
    And wait for the most shocking part, he cheats during the exams LOL
    My dear, I feel your plight. I have been there, I know how challenging it can get, just suck it up and try to stay relevant as much as you can.

  3. Too know too know people, I dislike them a lot.

  4. hehehe.... this gets interesting...===>

  5. Kpele dear! Sometimes you just have to let gunners be...they don't realize that sometimes they end up annoying even the people they're trying to impress...have a student over here whose reputation has come to precede him b/c of his gunner ways and expert asskissery. All the interns and residents hate him. Is it bad that I secretly felt pleased about that?

    Hope everything continues to get better and better for you!


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