Monday, February 13, 2012

In Remembrance........

........of this thing called Valentine's day.

Come 9am, i will be writing an exam on Sexuality. How apt! Considering the amount of sex that is about to go down today. Don't look at me like that. Am i lying?

So in acknowledgement of this silly* day, I switched my kitchen towels

Baked a cake (on the 10th). There's only one slice left. I ate 3/4ths of this cake ALONE.

This cake was as a result of an SOS sent out to my friend. I felt a serious craving for cake even though i don't eat regular cake. I like my cheesecake or nothing. She was nice enough to get me some from the store.

Coinkidink! They just arranged themselves that way. I felt like sharing a random picture.

People say there are freaks blah blah blah. I never really understood. Please check out this scenario taken straight off my textbook. If this is not freaky, i don't know what is.
I will run o. I don't think i will stay long enough to describe him with his high heels and lingerie wearing self wanting to have sexual intercourse with a female. E dey crase. lol.
This exact question was on the exam today. Made me giggle. Some of the questions had me suppressing giggles. 
*Silly- It depends on if i'm celebrating or not. This year it's silly because i'm not. I almost got someone to buy me a $400 purse all in the name of valentine's day. I was just sorry for him PLUS i didn't have time to pick out a purse. See what med school has done to me? Someone wants to spend money, i said no, i have exams i don't have time to pick something out. SMH at my damn self. It's never that serious sha. Besides, $400 is too much for a damn purse. I still have a conscience. LOL.

** Some of the K names you guys suggested cracked me up. Not liking any of the Bini names so far. Are there really no cute Bini names? Thanks to everyone who took out the time to suggest names. I really appreciate it. You guys are sweet.

*Answer to the question is Tranvestic fetishism (exclusive to heterosexual men). Transvestites are people who have to wear clothes of the opposite gender in order to feel sexual gratification. It is different from cross dressers or drag queens.

If u watch RHOBH, Camille kinda hints on multiple occasions that Kelsey is a transvestite.


  1. MCheww,,, so after I donned ,y researcher hat to find edo names, u still no find anyone u like? Abi u want Yoruba name?
    In commemoration of val, I am eating fried rice @1.18am, alone....and convincing myself of how beautiful life is.....
    Choi!!! That is the height of "busylity" o! U found someon e to buy $400 purse but you were too busy to pick one out?!:o
    Not only will I pick one out, I will also suggest he wraps it with the receipt in it.

    Freak bawo, he has a right to his kind of sexuality o! What won't my eyes read as far as sexuality goes? Orisirisi.

    Good luck on the exams sha. Did u bake the cake from scratch or it is one of those pre-mixed ones?

  2. Lol...honeydame, no kill me with laugh. I'm not crazy yet, of course it was a pre-mixed cake. Purse with receipt, I like dt idea. Lol.

  3. awww i love your kitchen towels...cheesy but cute!

    my friend after all that stress, you had better pick one name joh :|

    looooollll you dockies get to see alot of things mehn

  4. LOL Honeydame and purse..i like jare lol

    Dame Sting lol wetin your eye no go see? how do you explain the ones that flog or bite during sex? I will like to know the anwser to that your question sha...

    Happy Vals o..

  5. Happy Vals!

    Yummy cake, please don't tempt me.

  6. hmm... I'd have to say the guy has a serious fetish... maybe prayer will solve

  7. Aww, dem towels are too cute to touch!
    Meanwhile, I just dey gbadun the topics your courses cover. serious orisirisi.

    400 dollar purse and you let it slip by.....I hereby recommend the course 'How to claim your gift and get it' by Honeydame.

  8. LOL @ 'How to claim your gift and get it' by Honeydame

    Too funny, Ginger. LOL. It hasn't slipped by o. I can claim it at anytime. I just don't have the time to pick something esp since i'm the most indecisive person you would ever meet. Besides, when i don collect purse finish, what next? lol. I no get power o.

  9. @unveilinggold that would be BDSM- Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism.

    i have kuku blogged about it before. check it out sha if u wish.

  10. This specific case is called transvestite fetishism


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