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Guest Post by Pendo

Hola people! Today is a good day!!! Don't remember the last time i was this happy :) That aside, i have my first guest post by a reader called Pendo. She is not a blogger. She has 2 posts for your reading pleasure. Hope you enjoy it. I'm still accepting guest bloggers. Don't be shy!

Blog 1
They were best of friends, more than sisters, first met when they were both seventeen. Their love for music and hair brought them together. They stood by each other through the years, she was there for her during her pregnancy and when they welcomed baby Malik into the world, she babysat for her, even stayed nights when she had too. She was there during the court battles when she fought the father of her baby for child support payments, she was there when she was down to her last penny, she was her rock and she hers.

And then she met him one night at a party, he seemed pretty nice much older wiser calmer more caring than her baby father but most of all responsible. He worked for one of the international organizations and was in town visiting his brother. They went out on a few dates and she decided she could try her luck with him. Even though they were a continent apart he showered her with love spoilt her rotten, called her everyday twice a day,  he would fly over to see her every three weeks, took care of all her financial needs she had not a care in the world. Finally the Lord had answered her prayers and sent her prince charming she had never been happier and counted her blessings every day.
She was happy for her really truly genuinely happy, unlike her, her friend had never been lucky in love it was always one drama after the other either with her baby daddy or whoever she was dating at the time. So she prayed every night for her friend that this one was forever. Her new boyfriend liked her too he would try and include her in their activities as much as possible and bring her gifts too whenever he was in town he was just grateful that his girlfriend had a sister friend as loyal as her.

She got pregnant, boyfriend was over the moon, started making plans to move her to a bigger house, bought her a new car saw to it that her family was comfortable. They were both happy she was going to be Godmother to this baby too.  Even though she was only two months gone she was already planning her surprise baby shower.
Her mother was not happy, felt that she was becoming too involved in her daughter’s life especially now that she had found happiness. Be careful lest she takes your man away from you, she warned her, don’t let him too close to her, do not leave them in the same room alone, delete her number from his phone the “advice” came pouring in. Look at you now; do you think she is honestly happy for you? You have a rich man who adores you most women will kill for that kind of man.

The seed of doubt had been planted, the phone calls became less frequent, some went  unanswered, no call backs, the text messages ceased, she moved house to a new location without telling her, changed her number. She tried emailing, no reply; her comments and wall posts went unacknowledged it was almost as if she never existed.
It was with a heavy heart months later that she pressed the delete button wondering why it had taken her so long to do so. Don’t worry she assured her, you still have me and I will always be there for you now and forever she said. I know she smiled…….and off they went hand in hand to shop for the coming baby…..

Blog 2
He loved her with all his heart
She was not so sure about it
Why? He asked
It was the distance she said
We have video calls now he said
What if it doesn’t work out she said
But we haven’t given it a try he said
I guess you never know till you try she thought

He had a grueling schedule
They had a twelve hour time difference
When she was awake he was asleep
When she was asleep he was awake
When they were both awake this was the conversation;
Hey babe how was your day?
It was great how was yours?
It was good ok I love you talk tomorrow?
Love you too babe talk tomorrow
She looked forward to the weekend when they could video call

The distance was putting a strain on her
She did not know how much longer she could take it
Eight months later he finally got his four week vacation approved
He was looking forward to surprising her
He went online to let her sister in on his plans
That was when he saw it
“Lisa is now engaged to Kenny”
His name was John………………………….

Lisa was her sister’s name………………..


  1. ahhh no no no i'm confused ooo. and i'm not dull thank u very explain the 2 endings abeg. or honeydame come here and help a sista out.

  2. Ok glad I'm not the only one confused by both endings.

  3. The last paragraph left me very very confused..... *insert bbm confused face*

  4. lol. I thought i was the only one who found the use of shes' and hers' confusing.

  5. thats the whole point lol to confuse you lot! anyway the first story has three female friends the third one being introduced indirectly by the "her mother was not happy" paragraph
    reread them again and you will get them.
    Second story was meant to make the readers think that the girlfriend had gotten engaged to someone else (rem the distance was taking a toll on her) only to find out that it wasn't the case i had actually put a long gap between the second last and last sentence to make it easier to understand but i guess it jumped up when Sting posted the story. Hope that helps!


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