Monday, November 29, 2010

Love is a Bitch

Love hurts!
Love sucks!!
I hate love!!!!

    Well now........... is it really?

    I mean love didn't suck when u were making googley eyes at each other and harrassing us with your PDA. When you thought the sun rose and set out of his ass, love wasn't a bitch then or when you couldn't finish a sentence without "my boyfriend this or my boyfriend that" Love wasn't public enemy no 1.  Abi? Nooo.....everything was all hearts and rainbows then and you were so in love with being in love, you couldn't see what was right in front of you.

    "Oh these girls of nowadays are so bold!!! They don't even care he has a girlfriend"
    "She keeps calling his phone and doesn't want to leave him alone"
    Errrmmmm.....did you not hear when she called and addressed him as baby and told him she missed him. Does that occur in a vacuum? Common sense should tell you that there has to be some sort of reciprocity going on there. Go on, bury your head in the sand but when it all blows up in your face, leave love out of it. Love is the innocent party in this case.

    You on the other hand have been the.....

    I think a lot of us confuse love with what it's not.
    • Love is not lust
    • Love is not attraction
    • Love is not infatuation
    • Love is not a crush
    • Love is not obsession
    • Love is not sex and sex is not love
    • Love is not dependence, co-dependence, neediness or attachment
    • Love is not staying safe in your comfort zone. 
    I'm sure we could all come up with a thousand definitions of what we think love is. To be honest, i haven't found what i think the perfect definition of love. One thing i do know for sure though, is that love doesn't hurt, love is not a bitch, and neither does love suck.

    Betrayal is a bitch! Uh hum, need i say more?

    Disappointments hurts,  rejection hurts, being disrespected hurts, loneliness hurts, broken promises hurt, jealousy hurts, lies hurt, being made to feel less than hurts, crushed hopes and dreams suck, discovering that person you thought could do no wrong was just a flawed, flawed human being is a bitch.

    So no, love is not a bitch. Love is not the one who cheated on you, abused you, lied to you, betrayed you, hurt you, left you for another woman/man, beat the crap out of you, or trampled on your self esteem.

    Love is a beautiful thing. After you've been hurt and broken, true love has the ability to wipe your tears away,  soothe your aching heart and make everything right.

    So my friends, i hope you now know who the real culprit is on your side :)


    1. love is fact finding

      love is seeking supreme understanding

      love is growth

      love is helping someone reach their full potential

      if you trully love something you will help it to reach its full potential

    2. LOVE is forgiving....always forgiving no matter how many times a friend, sibling, parent or spouse hurts you.

      Love is beautiful....A GIFT FROM GOD TO THE HUMAN RACE....for GOD is why should HE be blamed?

      We are to blamed instead.

    3. love is not a bitch. too many people misinterpret what love is or is not.

    4. Love isn't always a bad thing, you know. But like any volatile object, you just have to be careful with it.

    5. Love is poetry.
      Love is music.
      Love is light.
      Love is beautiful. In it's time.

    6. i have been enlightened...nice one now i know to blame the betrayer and not to blame love...but i stand to say true love does hurt...its not always bliss...

    7. Lol, that last line is the koko of the story. I'm stealing it for later...

    8. LOL..where do you get these pictures! LOL...Nice one sha, love sure can suck.

    9. Romantic love is waiting for me to give a flying f. he heee
      Love is beautiful jare when it is with the right dude

    10. @Myne: I get the pictures from google images.

    11. love rocks! I have hurt cos of frustration, betrayal and bad choices but love is a beautiful thing

    12. Love is accepting the other person for what they are.
      Love is wanting the best for them.
      Love is taking care of their feelings and not hurting them.Love is in telling the truth not lies.


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