Thursday, October 29, 2009

Med sch according to ME

  1. If it doesn't hurt- you are doing something wrong
  2. If you are well rested - You are doing something wrong
  3. If 24 hours is enough - you are doing something wrong
  4. If you can't spit out your facts - You are doing something wrong
  5. If sleep is an option - you are doing something wrong
  6. If you don't say "Maybe i'm not cut out for this at least once" - you are doing something wrong
  7. If you don't cry because you are tired of reading while continuing to read in the midst of ur tears - you are doing something wrong
  8. If you don't feel like you've been run over by a bus on a MONDAY morning - you are doing something wrong
  9. If you don't wonder to yourself, why you even bothered renting an apartment - you are doing something wrong
  10. If you don't think to yourself "na only one brain i been get b4" - you are doing something wrong.
Shit upon shit. It hasn't gotten better. You don't believe me, ask ME!

It's my birthday today. Happy birthday to me. What more could i ask for? I am living my dream. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! That was a sarcastic laugh by the way, in case u couldn't tell.


  1. It gets worse before it gets better.
    Happy Birthday.

  2. Happpy birthday! In a few years you'll look back on these days and laugh... I wish you the best as you go through the journey...

  3. Just saw your question on my blog.

    At first i also thought schizo, but there's the fact that she's lived a good part of her life fairly normally and from the coments i read, different people had different things to say about her, some of her secondary school mates stated that she had problems controlling her anger but that she could be the sweetest person at other times.
    And for a diagnosis of bipolar, the episodes of depression don't have to be equal to the episodes of mania for a diagnosis to be made.

  4. Happy Birthday to you, hope you have a fabulous day. Put med school to one side if possible. Hehhehe..

    i can soooooooo relate to this post..

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  7. happy birthday girlie
    dont worry very soon u'll start reaping d benefits...
    dats how i felt reading engineering

  8. Just imagine your six figures in the future...that should put things in perspective...ha ha ha. Go on dokita!

  9. Happy Birthday o jare! Just remain strong, u'll look back at this in the future and smile i promise.

  10. Very interesting list!
    Happy Birthday , I pray this would be your best year yet!
    Doc!...the years would roll by very fast, and all the pains, 'wrongs' and stress of this time would have been worth it after all.

  11. Take a break lady. Hapi bday in arrears.

  12. Take a break lady. Hapi bday in arrears.

  13. Take a break lady. Hapi bday in arrears.

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  15. LOL! Sweetie do I AGREE with you! I think that should go for anyone seriously in some kind of programme at school. I can totally relate. Happy belated Birthday! Missed reading your blog. But needless to say - I've been busy -...

  16. i'm late...but


    meanwhile check my blog...u have been tagged

  17. oooh I missed it. and u gave an advaced warning! Happy belated birthday darl, hope you had a great day sha despite the stress of med school.

  18. Chin u[ gal and hang in're stronger than you think!!!

  19. looool! i'm reading this and thinking...thats me!!!...and i'm a Law student. And all of those apply to me :P

    happy birthday in arrears..hope you had a great one!


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