Sunday, September 20, 2009


Okay! After raising my nose at twitter and silently or not so silently vowing not to join, i have given in without any coercion. You can blame med school for that!!!! How? You ask. What does med school have to do with this new foolishness of yours. Welllllll........ you see, since i started med school in August, i have strangely become addicted to facebook. When facebook was still exclusive to college students, i refused to join. I hated it. I only joined after i graduated and have stayed there because of my friends in Nigeria. It helps me keep in touch with what's going on in their lives. Still i was never a big fan. I stopped all notifications from going to my personal email. For over a year, i never ever put up a status message. Facebook just wasn't my thing.

HOWEVER, since i started med school, i swear to God! I go on facebook at least 15- 20 times a day. Status updates or thoughts of status update is now a daily thing o! I can't believe it. I deactivated my account, but guess what? Those winches and wizards have now made it so easy to come back. How? All you have to do is sign back in and Voila, you are back on. No more reactivation confirmation emails and all that jazz. Mschewwww.... Enemies of progress, they want me to fail. If i want to use my little knowledge of psychology also known as my bachelors in psychology, i will say facebook has become an escape for me. An escape away from this........ what's a nice thing to call this? Med School PRISON!!!

Anyhoodle, i don't want to be putting all my business of facebook, and since i know i can't be updating this blog regularly cos i'm not inclined to and my mom keeps alluding to me keeping my business off the internet aka my blog, i have decided to join the twitter bandwagon. So if u read this blog and u slightly give a (care) about what is going on with me and u r on twitter, or not..... you can follow me on I still don't know how stuff works cos i literally just created my account 5 mins ago. Oya o, come on over.

So was in school from 10am to 10.30pm yesterday, and i have been here since 9.30 this morning and i don't see myself going home until 10 or 11pm. I got slightly depressed for a minute. I subscribe to Joel Osteen's podcast (btw, did i tell u guys that med school makes u find God/religion pretty fast), so i decided to listen to today's message. All i can say is that man is a modern day genius. Chei! His message got me through almost failing Medical Genetics, and once again he came through today. I feel so much better and i have a brand new attitude to boot.

I remember when i first started school and someone (a classmate) told me to pray for God's guidance in studying or something like that, i actually laughed and said God has nothing to do with this. It has taken me less than a month to have a change of heart. God has everything to do with this. I don't see how anyone can get through this ordeal (sorry, experience) without any source of spiritual support. You can't know everything, there's too much to know. You have to have God in order to believe that he will make what you know sufficient so that you can have peace of mind and be able to sleep at night.

That's all folks. Remember to meet me over on twitter. I'm all alone and lonely, boo hu hu!!!

Have a nice week people. I love u all.

P.S. I might be changing the title of this blog.


  1. What a great message! Part of wisdom is realizing that you can't do it all on your own power so I commend you.

    I'll be adding you on twitter too!

  2. in your own power, not on :)

  3. u r on twitter?you gave in?ughhh!!!
    and your mum knows you have a blog?

  4. Twitter koo, nightingale ni.
    I refused to join facebook for a year too until 2006. I've promised myself not to fall into the tweeter craze and you will not make me fall.

    God dey. It took med school to make you find God abi?? Lord have mercy.

  5. welcome to twitter, babe!

    And, prayer got me through law school, but that's a breeze compared to med school, so babe, PRAY! You'll get through it regardless.


  6. Yes o, not by power or by might.....but by the Spirit of God!

    Wishing you all the best!
    We'll be sharing the stories of all your victories and successes in med school on your blog soon.

    'In HIM, all things hold together' Col 1:17 (NIV)

    All the best!


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