Saturday, September 19, 2009

Natural hair?

I'm thinking of going natural. I have four years to do it. I guess i'll just keep braiding my hair without relaxing and see how it goes. My hair is short anyway, cos i cut it real short in 2007 and only just stopped cutting it last May(?). Anyhoo, time to get back to studying.


  1. Gud luck with that

    But why?

  2. I have spent a bucket load of money trying to get my hair right to no avail. I just got it braided and before i did that, i swear half of my hair had broken off probably due to stress. I have a ton of hair products that i could probably open a hair salon with if i was inclined too, yet my hair pretty much sucks. I want to try natural and see if it better. I haven't decided though, still contemplating.

  3. Going natural won't solve all your problems. It might take care of some of them, but you have to be prepared for a whole different texture and learn how to take care of the hair. You'll probably have a ton of products too with natchy hair, good luck.

  4. go for it jare. I havent relaxed my hair in 6 months. It's been a trick, but it's worth it :P

  5. natraul is good if u have time or money to style it or if u like messing around with your hair
    i have natural hair for like 5 years and keeping it up without braids is hard

  6. I've been toying with the thought and after 5months with braids and weaves almost did. I carried my hair unrelaxed for a week, never did that before. But alas, I retouched today. The headache from combs was too much.


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