Thursday, December 25, 2008


New year, new things. Although technically we are still a week from the new year. As a result, the content of this blog will be changing. Sort of. What do i mean by that? I'm not just going to talk about personal stuff or let's say very personal stuff.

I sort of stopped caring about remaining anonymous a while ago but it is still unsettling when people who know me have information they would otherwise not have if they were not reading my blog. I'm not sure how comfortable i am with that.

I started blogging Jan 23rd 2007 because i wanted to be able to freely talk about my feelings and things that were stressing me out that i wasn't comfortable talking about with the people in my life, I had just being unceremoniously dumped by an idiot, who funny enough called me last week to say he didn't like the way things ended between us. Well, i guess things are not going too well in babymamaville. Anyway, at that time i was hurting, and besides my friends who were there for me, i needed another outlet. On top of that i was dealing with a severe depression that was as a result of a brief abusive relationship. So i had a lot of things on my plate.

Blogging helped, but i was really adamant about remaining anonymous so i kept deleting blogs. This is my 4th blog. Now, i've said no more!! I will not delete another blog neither will i stop blogging. I am a long way from the person that i was last year. I went to therapy which helped my depression tremendously and i am happier than i have ever being. I have truly good friends who have stuck with me until now. My old friends are still the best friends that i have. My relationship with my family is wonderful. We keep having new blessings everyday. I am the happiest that i have been in the 6 yrs that i have been here. I know that i am blessed and i couldn't ask for more.

I'm not going to stop blogging, cos i love it too much and i love u guys too much. I wouldn't just want to walk away and not hear how u guys are doing. So i'm going to remain in blogville but i am no longer going to put it out there like i used to. I don't need to anymore. I'm thankful for all the support i've gotten from u guys. I know some of u really care even though u don't know me. What could be sweeter than that? To have a virtual support system. It's truly awesome and that's one of the blessings this year has brought me.

So, to all the wonderful people of blogville, Merry Christmas and i'll "see" you guys in 2009.

Hasta la vista, babes!


  1. of course you cant leave blogville!

    oh, and about the weight loss thing, med school is a good dieting strategy. lost weight in first year,.....gained it back in 2nd!

  2. Hope your Christmas was awesome. I've slacked on my blogging lately and you're really an inspiration having blogged (for so long).

    May the New Year bring you many blessings!

  3. Awww, I'm glad that blogging has helped you deal with some of the things that you were/are dealing with and I'm glad that you plan to remain in blogville for a good long time.

    I look forward to reading all about your adventures in 2009!!

  4. Good enuff, make sure u make good on ur promise to stick around.
    Best wishes this season and always!

  5. hope u had a wonderful xmas...

    Hope we get to read more cheerful posts! Glad Bolgsville was der for u wen u needed it.

  6. Happy Xmas! And you berra not delete this blog o. And blogging is the best thing that happened to me this yr. Sorry one of the best things

  7. Hope u hd a wonderful xmas...heres wishing u a fabulous new yr!!!

  8. No wahala as long as you dont abscond on us.
    Merry Xmas & a beautiful new year.

  9. so how am i supposed to get all those hot gists now? i know where to find you.

  10. New year, New things.....At least you can still identify with blogsville as your happy place.

    No need to up and leave....

    Have a wonderful new year!

  11. Seasons greetings and happy new year in advance :)

  12. Awwww! I like getting to know Sting up close and personal!! Who are these people sef that are bugging my one and only Sting?? Can't you just sting them away? LOL

  13. Funny enough I aint that paranoid about being annonymous anymore either...

    Love ur blog so dont go nowhere....

  14. I'm happy blogging has been such a good outlet for you! As for being less personal,as long as you don't delete your blog or stop blogging, I'm fine with it; Abegi don't leave oh!!

    Happy New Year luv!

  15. I've deleted blogs too. In fact I've just come back after deleting one. I know exactly how invigorating it can be to just let loose. I'm glad you were able to make it where you are now emotionally

    Happy New Year - Will Keep In Touch x


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