Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Mehn.......... I'm seriously craving Suya right now. I'm driving and i smell it. I'm walking and i smell it. In places i have no business smelling food, i smell suya. I'm not pregnant oh! Last time i checked my name wasn't Mary.

Someone needs to hook a sister up. I don't want all those one-kind, supposed to be, pseudo suya. I want the one that was grilled (?) under a tree in the corner of the dirt road, at night for that matter by hausa mallams. I know u guys are saying i'm not ready to eat suya then, if all these conditions have to be met. Well....... it just means i want to go to Nigeria.

So how many of u lovely, gorgeous, handsome, intelligent, hot, fierce, rich(!!!) (LOL) bloggers are willing to sponsor the trip? What?! You think i'm paying u all these compliments for nothing? You are joker. Oya money, hand it over.

Alright, i get it. You are probably a broke ass like me. Fine!!! I'll just take the suya if u have it. I'll pretend it was made by my favorite roadside mallam in naija. Don't worry i'll manage it, my taste buds won't know the difference.


  1. one time too, i was craving suya like mad! & i was on diet! on my street, there r like 6 suya mallams. temptation! i give n 2 such nonsense sha. i just went 2 one of dem, asked he how much while he gave me a piece 2 'taste'. i said it was too expensive, dat i was coming back. of course u can guess how d rest went. hehehehehehehehe

  2. haba FFF so , u too dey do dos runs, hehehehehe

    swerry, i can get it, but u didnt specify if its shicken suya, pomo suya, shaki suya, shombo suya,cow suya, brokoto suya ... and em... em.. inshort which one u want, m can i send it tru ifesinach???


  3. Sting dearie,

    If a rich billionaire blogger decides to sponsor you, can u share the good news on my blog too? I'm unashamedly ready to meet a billionaire too...LOLLL...

    And yes, I want suya made by the Hausa mallams themselves too...yikes, I'm hungry!

  4. You know what's sad? I can count on ONE HAND the nunmber of times I've had suya in my entire life.


    Happy suya finding!

  5. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm...
    As an obsessed suya eater, that's all I can say. You can get it here in London but it's just not the same!

  6. Suya is synonymous with happy Nigerian memories to me. Specifically the Suya by the Mallams you spoke about, not the yeye ones people try to pass off as suya.
    Ah, Happy times.

  7. Babe, if I had the money, I'll sponsor myself first.

    Mmmm now you're making me think of suya

  8. @fff.... u r my kinda girl.

    @LG: Why in God's name did u have to remind me of all the different types of Suya? Ifesinachi ke? For Yankee? U r a wayo woman.

    @Jaycee: Don't worry, as soon as the rich billionaire starts knocking, i'll let u know. I don't mind sharing.

    @GNG: I promise to hook u up when i find some good suya.

    @naijaline: True talk, it's never the same.

    @Abbie: I'm glad u at least have some good memories of naija.

    @vera: See as u be? U will sponsor urself first, yeye girl.

  9. girl! I haven't had suya in weeks! I'm off to yahoozay suya (that's the real name of the join oh!)


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