Friday, June 6, 2008

Just because i love you guys 2

I shared my newly discovered love for D'banj here, a few weeks ago.

My all time favorite show is Will and Grace and i was heartbroken when the show ended (I still am, thank God for reruns on life time). That's the only show i don't mind seeing each episode over and over again. It never gets old, it is funny as heck. I love Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes) as much as i would ever love any TV character. He is too freaking funny. Besides the fact that i think it is a crazy funny show, i love that show because it helped me get through what was a very difficult time in my life.

I had just come here from Nigeria and I felt uprooted and out of place. The initial plan was for us to come visit and then go back to Nigeria. I was already in a University back home, i had tons of friends and was in fact a regular ol' popular jingo. There was nothing about my life at that point that would make me want to leave it and come start over again in some foreign country. I never believed the hype about America and i was right. My mother was lucky that i wasn't aware that i would have to work and go to school at the same time. They would have had to drag me (sedated) on that plane. Which kind suffer be that?! Unfortunately, at that time the universities were always going on strike. I spent 2 yrs trying to complete freshman year because we would go to school for 3 months and then go on strike for 6 months. Right as i was about to start my second yr, we got the visa to come here and my mother decided at the very last minute that we would all stay here and go to school. I wasn't happy at all but i didn't have a choice. My father had told me to pick btw staying in Nigeria and getting into med school there or coming over here. Unlike America, u don't have to get a Bachelors b4 getting in med school. I was already set to transfer to med school, so of course i picked i wanted to stay back. My mother wasn't having any of that. Nonsense, i would have become a Doctor this year. Anyway, I didn't even get to say bye to a lot of my friends. For the first 2 yrs i was here, i hated every minute of it and that is not an exaggeration. From the freaking cold weather, to the food/fruit that never tasted right, to the incredibly nosy people, i hated it all. I wanted to go back to where my friends were.

For the first time in my life, i suddenly had an accent. WTF?!!! I say something and pple would go huh??!!! Like they can't open their mouth and say excuse me or something. I hated everything about this place. Everything was different. Sometimes i would get so irritated just hearing the american accent all around me. To make matters worse, i had to adjust to living with my stepmother. That wasn't fun. I went from never having lived with anyone besides my mother straight to a passive-aggressive petty stepmother. My mother was(is) so overprotective she never ever let us go spend a holiday or anything like that with relatives, so adjusting to living with my new family, half sisters included was a little bit of a challenge.

The ONLY thing that got me through those first two years was Will and Grace. I kid you not! Usually i went to school at 8am, and would stay in school as long as possible on the days i wasn't working cos i didn't want to go home cos i felt so uncomfortable in that house. All i looked forward to was the reruns of Will and Grace at 11pm everyday, and the new episodes they showed at 9pm on Tuesdays (it's been a while, but i can still remember). My dad was nice enough to get me a TV for my room and watching Will and Grace was the only time you would ever catch me laughing for those first two yrs. I slept at lot too. I found out later when i took a psychology of adjustment class that sleeping is a coping mechanism a lot of people use when they are depressed. I still do that till today, but never as much as back then. It was almost like if i was asleep then i wouldn't have to be a part of my messed up situation, so i slept my days away. I would sleep in class, in the library, on the days i didn't have to go school i would sleep until 3pm. It was almost like i didn't want to take part in being alive.

I don't know when or how it happened but i woke up one day and i discovered i no longer hated being here. I guess i had unconsciously adapted and accepted my fate. Yes, fate!!! Now when i tell my friends that i can't imagine living in Nigeria anymore, they can't believe it's the same person who declared to everyone and anyone who would listen that she hated being in America. One of my friends teased me about it 2 days ago. What can i say, i adjusted.

Bottom line is Will and Grace helped me maintain my sanity and guaranteed that no matter how bad my day was i would definitely laugh for 30 mins everyday starting from 11-11.30pm.

Hope you enjoy this clip as much as i did.

P.S Here's my favorite newly discovered blogger cheekybum.

See how nice I am...... I share all my favorite things with u guys. Now thank me. Hold it!!!!! Not just verbal thanks, i accept cash and kind. You can come scratch my back or since it's getting so hot in the A, someone can fan me. Yes, i know we have AC's and electric fans here but i prefer the good old fashioned hand fanning. The one our mothers and older siblings used to make us do whenever NEPA would strike back in the day. Eh hen, oya line up and start fanning me.

BTW, someone pls ask me what i'm doing awake by 4am with a massive headache BLOGGING!!! It's called caffeinated energy drink, i tell ya!


  1. I remember hating living in the UK during the early years I moved here. 2 top it my boo was in 9ja.
    I slept a lot, watched movies n tv shows, i even started watching 9ja movies.
    Now I still do not like this country, but i have adjusted n living here aint that bad.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I knew there was a reason why i heart you!!!
    Besides Fraiser (intellectual funny) I think Will and Grace is the best comedy of all times. My son loves it!! As a matter of fact that show should be called the Jack and Karen show. We've watched and rewatched every single episode and can quote it verbatim. (Me and my son are weird like that)
    Anyway, I'm glad you adjusted "just fine"
    and "stake it UK"!!!!

  3. I looooooooooooooove Will and Grace...or Jack and Karen :-)

  4. You mean you actually hated America? Well, I did, but not that much... :-D

  5. went thru the same. hated it but I adjusted. I don't necessarily like it here but what can I do? got thru it with Maury and Jerry Springer every morning and Rikki Lake in the evening b4 I realized they were all crap(i can't stand them now). used to cay and sleep a lot but I've since accepted my fate.

  6. Glad to hear/read that America is a bit more bearable to you now...

    I've definitely used sleep as a coping mechanism over the years—it works because at least you're well rested (well, if you can get good quality sleep).

    I've never watched a full episode of Will & Grace but those clips were funny!

  7. First of you are right i just downloaded Mozilla FF and your blog pops in it.

    I cant see myself ever living in naija full time, visiting i'm willing to do but America has spoiled me sha.

    Line up and do what? My hand dey pain me :)

  8. Ohhhhhh I thought I was the only Nigerian who loved Will and Grace....Jack rocks...

    I hated living in uk too, come to think of it I still hate it!!!!

    Ohhhh Abbie, I used to like Fraiser but just realised they have only one episode with a black person on, so I stopped liking in....another one I love, black people or not is two and a half men....I must have watched every episode ever made...

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience. I would never have known Nigerians actually hate it here the first few months. My story was slightly different. I really wanted to study here and did all I could on my own to come here. My Mum had no clue what I was doing but she still supported me. Hence, I didn't have the opportunity to dislike the US... i welcomed it with open arms like an orphan welcomes a parent long thought dead.

    Oddly, I don't like "Will and Grace". Surprised? LOL... most gay men don't like it either. That show was really geared towards straight women and played up every gay stereotype possible. I just hated watching a stereotype on tv. LOL...

    Hey, glad you're here in the US now...and glad I found your blog vua Sugabelly

  10. Wow.. Sting, exactly how I used to feel too! And that sleep thing is so true. Mine, did I sleep during those days.

  11. awww i love will and grace tooo..i totally understand about the adjustment thing cuz i had to do it when i moved to yankee too...:)

  12. Gotta love the energy drinks!
    Never liked Will&Grace-but I totally relate. I have so many memories with the Cosby Show...
    Im glad you've adjusted now.
    You know what I love about your blog? Your always so honest and real. I love that!

  13. Ah-ha...that was exactly how i felt when i first came here but Xena the warrior princess and Charmed saved me. But I still wanna go back nija. I still dont feel I belong here. Am glad you've adapted sha, good on you.

  14. The koko master is just a sexy mofo.
    Fi le, he is mine! lol. Anyway yeah change can be quite iffy at first but I guess you eventually have get used to it.You may even like in your case start loving it.

  15. awww sweetie, how are u?
    did anybody miss me?

  16. i still hate the US, i think it might have ruined my life...i mean i would have been married in naija with 2 kids na...abi no be

  17. It's true, I went through the same sleeping-thing at first and I hated the UK accent of the people here. They also find it difficult to understand me and that really sucks but I wouldn't want to go back to SA, I love the island.
    Thank you for mentioning my name, you're a good person and I love seeing your comments on my blog :)

  18. ok. that picture is trully awesome. i love will and grace. but not an addict like u.

  19. sleeping as a coping mechanism!! that is the way forward!

  20. Meeen!! nothing do you my sister na adjustment dem dey call wetin you go happens to the best of us but as for me i am still rocking nija and loving it for now.about will and grace being a depression therapeutic, i honestly don't know.

    whats good to know is that you are doing very well now.

    How you dey?

  21. omigosh were like twins...

    will and grace saw me thru some very very dark moments!!

    oww and friends
    and entourage


  22. FINALLY!! someone who shares my sentiments on this god forsaken country. i STILL hate it here. prolly cuz unlike you there was no will n grace to save me :( i barely had time to sleep even. i had professors who would blissfully keep in the labs until midnight n later sef. thats ontop of dealing with ignoramuses all day who act like they cannot understand your "accent" then compliment my amazing (HUH??) command of english while whining about their grades (or lack thereof) grrrrrr

  23. oh will and grace was a correct show, i enjoyed that mess.

    how have u been

  24. Sting you kill me

    I hated America, and I lived in Brooklyn, funny enuff during my high school years here, I did the sleeping thing too, you see, you learn everyday, and my parents were accusing me of sleeping around, hence the tiredness, I refused to talk for awhile in school as well,

    I love Will and Grace as well, I think I've watched all the episodes, my younger sis and I are addicted to Will and Grace.

    You know what, I don't think I'd fit in even if I moved back to naija



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