Thursday, November 10, 2016

Do you still Blog?

Multiple people: Do you still blog?
Me: No.......Not really.

Life happened. I'm exhausted more than half the time. There's lots to talk about, but blogging has fallen to the bottom of my interests. I'm at work right now, waiting for 2 admissions to come up and I just feel blah! Unlike med school where we were contacted mostly by pagers, we use roam phones here. I'm always startled by the phone ringing which just makes my night more stressful. There have been nights where I wanted to fling the phone and smash it. I swear one night I was called at least 50 times. I wanted to scream! I hate nights! I never feel like myself on nights and it's more exhausting than days because I can never catch up on sleep.

I was working when the votes were being tallied and knew before it was called Trump was going to win. I felt sick to my stomach. Literally. I almost called in sick the next day. I'm surrounded by white people and there's no way to know who supports Trump. I just felt weird and almost paranoid and it's hard not to feel some kind of way about people who would vote a racist, sexist, xenophobic orangutan as president because you start to wonder if they share his sentiments.

It's funny how a day before the election, I had a patient who literally froze when I walked in the room tried to assist the Nurse in holding her up while she gave her her medication. She refused to take it with me in there, so the Nurse asked her if she would like her to get another Nurse.  I didn't think it had anything to do with race until we stepped outside and the nurse apologized to me about asking for my help because she did the same thing or in her words "freaked out" during the day when the black male resident went in to talk to her. I started laughing because I found it hilarious that she would be scared of me. Then the Nurse tried to understand that she's from a very small town where there are no black people (duh!) and still amused I said "I bet Black male resident was the first black person she ever saw". I don't know if that's true or not, but I was highly amused. This is 2016 for God sake. I'm not a freaking alien.

I'm not amused anymore because these are the same backward hicks who voted for Trump. Yet there many people including blacks who did not vote or voted for Harambe, the dead gorilla or some other unknown because they don't like Hillary or think their votes don't count.

People are fucking stupid!

It makes my skin crawl that Trump is going to be the President of the United States.
Racism is alive and well.
We are in for a treat.
America's very own version of Buhari's change.
What a mess!!!


I had no intention to talking about this when I started this post. I'm choosing to stick my head in the sand for the next 4 years. What's going to happen, is going to happen. Not stressing myself about this shit. I did my part, I voted for Hillary. Anyone who did not vote or threw away their vote has nothing to say.



  1. Awww stiĺl i miss your writing. Well you can move and come join us in canada

  2. Blogging has taken several back seats nowadays, everything is so exhausting and draining that sitting down to write is just hard.

  3. I still love to blog regardless of all the whats-not! :D


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