Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Black people are dirty and other stories

I got done at 4:30pm today............. and i didn't know what to do with myself. I didn't know whether to run, jump, scream or dance awilo. So i drove to the dry cleaners and dropped off my white coat, then came home and did laundry.

It's 8:18pm right now and it's still earlier than I typically get home. I've been working 14+ hours 6 days a week and i'm exhausted. I got to work an hour late yesterday because i overslept and woke up at 625am and i'm supposed to be at work at 6am. The night resident and the senior both called me but my phone is always on silent when i go to sleep. I was late again today but 10 minutes this time. The tiredness is cumulative and i'm just exhausted at this point.

I spent my one day off last week running errands then i ended up at Ross. I bought so much stuff, I was actually horrified when i was being rung up and kept apologizing to the cashier. It was retail therapy plain and simple. I find that any free time i have, i go shopping. When i have a bad day at work, I end up in the store. I have more art supplies than i need at this point and I am spending way more money than i should but hey!

I joined match.com .....for 6 months. I was over it by week 2 but i can't get a refund even if i cancel.

The last couple of months have been a struggle. There's something in the water. Everyone has been acting crazy at my program. I'm not loving residency. I would love to be driving distance from my family. I no longer want to be in this state or this city where the lack of diversity and the amount of cultural insensitivity and ignorance is overwhelming.

Did you know black people are dirty?
Did you know that black people stain light colored sheets because their skin sheds and  the color stains the sheets?

Did you know this?
Black person reading this, is this news to you as it was news to me?

 How can you say they don't?
Are you sure?
Have you ever slept on light colored sheets before?


Sweet jesus hold me back, keep a straight face!

 This was from a nurse who was trying to be nice by educating her friend who said black people are dirty, by telling said friend that we are not dirty, it's just the color of our skin that's coming off, when "we shed".

But hey what do i know, I might never have slept on light colored sheets before.

Let's not talk about the audacity of this white lady who told me black hair is crazy and she can't imagine walking around looking like that..... all the while miming an afro with her hands. That's not all she said but i don't want to upset myself this evening.

That's some of the shit I've had to deal with.


  1. Lawdy, have mercy!
    We shed? AS IN, AHAHAHHAAA.
    Nobody created themselves abi?
    GOD dey.

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  2. My eyes are wide open in shock reading the comments about black people... Wow!!! U tried to keep a straight face o

  3. thanks for the heads up. now i know not to sleep on light colored sheets.

  4. I'm sitting here reading this and laughing out loud. Dooh. Your level of patience has reached award levels.
    Please help us to take white bedsheets there and rub your body please let them see, there's no explaining this one.
    You should make a video, #dearwhitepeople , from hence forth.....

  5. Now this is so insensitive and stupid. I would have said something terrible to her if I was in your shoes...madam you are trying oh.

  6. We stain light colored sheets? That's ridiculous! I only sleep on immaculate white sheets. It's just a thing for me. If the sheets are not white then I can't sleep. The only time my sheets get stained is when i'm on my period. Smh

    Lady G

  7. Hiya are you a member of the private/closed facebook group mocha medicine? its a good place to vent about the ish we go through. Neuyogi.

  8. I am sorry to hear what you are going through. I would encourage you to find a group of like-minded people either via a meet-up, Nigerian org. or church (if you are into religion) or you could even form one. I know how isolating it can be in a predominiately oyinbo space, but just know that you are not alone... reach out, you just never know the comfort you may find :-)

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  10. WHET?????
    Are u serious?
    This has got to be like a prank right?
    Have u started looking to transfer?

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