Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bride Price

I just bought my ticket for my vacation next month. Yay!

My dad  collected $1 as bride price for my sister this past weekend. He didn't want to take anything at all, but the in-laws insisted and he collected a dollar. Our bride price is typically 21 Naira  but my granddad started the tradition of not collecting anything and unlike a lot of stories i've heard from the older generation, he told his daughters that they were always free to come back to his house if things did not work out. I think he was very progressive for his time. He died before i was born so i didn't get to meet him.

So i was driving home from work yesterday, i was talking about the $1 bride price with my dad and i told him I wanted him to collect more than a dollar for my bride price. He started laughing and asked how much i wanted him to take and i said thousands, that he can give it to me if he doesn't want it. I'm not doing that $1 story. I'm going with my igbo side on this one. How much does a American trained doctor go for these days?

It doesn't matter anyway cos my dad will still collect $1. He should at least ask the in-laws to pay off my student loans.

Now that's a plan I love. If only i was an Indian dude. I actually saw that in a movie.


  1. LMAOOO!!!!! That is truly a plan!!!!!! Collect $1 and pay off her loan. If you wan argue, argue with Sallie Mae!
    We have yet to have the bride price discussion in my house. That should be interesting. Where are you planning on vacationing? Please put me in your bag. I promise to behave!

  2. 21 Naira.. 1 Dollar...
    My people no go gree that kind thing to happen. Even for dream.

  3. $1 bride price? Oooooshey! Please how many single ladies are left in the family (extended family included). Guys should take advantage of this everlasting sale. They should read the student loan fine print sha....lol

  4. $1?!? LOL.I don't even think i'm "worth" the amount of money it would cost to pay off all my student loans. That is a good idea though.

  5. There was no change so my Dad collected 50 naira instead of 21 naira. He returned it back at the end of the traditional wedding.


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