Monday, June 15, 2015


Seems surreal, I'm not ready. Still the only black person in the program amongst faculty and staff but one of my co-residents is Indian (born and raised here) so I'm technically not the only minority. However from my med school experience, I know it's not really a big deal and because we are all humans, you soon forget that you are the only black person around especially if you are around decent people who don't treat you any different. Although, it was funny to hear the ACLS instructor refer to black people as Afro-Americans. Talking about patient population, she mentioned that prior to 5 years ago there were barely any "Afro-Americans" in the city but that is slowly starting to change. The change is slow indeed. First couple of days I went out I only saw one black person. It made me feel self conscious, but I've seen more black people since then and I've already stopped thinking about it.

We are traveling to a different city for two days tomorrow evening for a certification course. Then Friday we all go canoeing. I was the first to shout that I can't swim, although I heard about this outing during interviews. They promised rust I will be fine and would most likely not die by drowning that day.

I'm not ready for this Residency shite! I saw my schedule today. Thankfully, I'm not starting on nights like a couple of the R1s. I still feel like running away though.


  1. Lol Your response that you can't swim got me laughing ,cos that would have been me and i would have shouted it out loud too.
    I really need to learn. And to think i take boat rides home every two to three weeks.

    All the best with residency.
    What speciality ?

  2. Afro-americans? People still use that term? lol.

    Best of luck with your residency. Im sure u will do swimmingly. Get it, swimmingly?!? I thought it was clever. Dont judge me lol

    1. Never heard it used prior to her and she kept saying it. Lol. It was just funny.


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