Saturday, April 11, 2015

It tried to murder me

Let's pretend i didn't promise to be a better blogger, respond to comments and create a blog list. Erase that from your memories because this blogging delinquency seems like it's going to be a chronic, unrelenting condition.

Do I have what to blog about? Yes, tons actually.

 Like how my bedroom ceiling collapsed at 11.01 pm last week Monday and I could have been seriously hurt or killed if i had not discovered Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt that night and stayed up late to watch it. It wasn't even that great of a show.Thank you, God of Netflix. I had a headache earlier that evening and instead of taking Tylenol, i intended to take a sleep aid just so i could sleep properly. Thankfully, i got side tracked by the show and never took any medication because i might have ended up having a seamless transition to the afterlife. God abeg o! I'm not ready. I am so thankful at how things turned out even with all the resulting inconvenience. The assistant manager who helped me out that night was amazed at how calm I was. I think i was in shock. From the initial ceiling crack to complete collapse took a total of 9 mins. I debated for a few seconds but I ran back in the room to get my computer and ipad off my bed. I just did a clean swipe of everything on my bed using my blanket but the computer charger decided to get caught underneath the bed frame, come and see yanking in fear. It was like a movie.

How I have been second guessing my rank order list and by default where i matched for residency. What was i thinking, Lord Jesus!!! I just have to accept that i made the right decision and i'm going where i will be happy for the next three years. Fingers crossed!

How I had one random anxiety attack triggered by the thought of having to leave my therapist and i called his voice mail and left a message crying and hyperventilating about it on a weekend. I got an "emergency appointment" the next day. This is me who goes in at least once every two months and straight up tells him I think i'm wasting my time by coming to see him because he's not helping. I'm like, i want a quick fix, i want it fixed now.  LOL.... I think i amuse him and I can tell he is fond of me. We have talked about me wanting to write a book in the past and i said that i don't count blogging as writing because i'm just talking (but in writing) and he told me that if i write the way i talk, it would be a good book. I asked him why he said that, and he said I say what i think exactly how i'm thinking it and it was very uncommon and refreshing. I took that as a compliment. Anyway, I think i'm struggling with change and fear of the unknown.

How i'm not ready for this doctoring thing and found it quite alarming when someone called me Dr. XYZ and seeing the M.D behind my name is just surreal for lack of a better word.

How i think my mother tricked me all these years into thinking she was this cool unafrican African mom who didn't care about me getting married but now she has flashed her true colors since i matched.
"Ok, mommy I will call you at 6pm so we can pray. What's my prayer point again? Thank you for fasting on my behalf, it is much appreciated."
"Oh, sorry i forgot to call you at 6 pm yesterday. Yes, i prayed. uh hum. I prayed"
Thankfully, it's just been a flash which quickly died down because i was already starting to get apprehensive about calling her. I can't be answering questions about praying and fasting everyday.
When i'm ready, i'll be signing up for

How i owe a very special blog friend a belated birthday post. But thanks to this slacking disease that i have been afflicted by plus being semi homeless for over a week plus one or two things, I never put up the birthday post and even forgot to wish him a happy birthday on his actual birthday. My dear, God has forgiven me, so please forgive me too.

 Anyway, since my apartment was trying to murder me and left me slightly traumatized, I decided to run home to my people, regroup, decompress, and forget about the mountain of paperwork for residency that is time sensitive (at least until Monday). Shey they said life is too short, they weren't playing.

P.S. So there's this thing called renter's insurance and i was supposed to have it. M'kay!


  1. It's great to know that you were saved, thank goodness for that. Have a nice week, and all the best always!

  2. OMG! I thank GOD! I rejoice with you Sting. Oh my! .... Collapsed just like that? GOD be praised. EHEN! ... let me go back and read....wait! You don't like unbreakable? We loved it in our home! We had a good laugh! Can't wait to watch season 2...ok..back to read the rest.

    1. ok! Finished reading it...couldn't help laughing over the therapist and mum's new attitude. Please continue seeing the therapist o. And he is right about any book you write will be refreshing. Take care.

    2. Thanks sis. I'm moving soon so would have to find a new therapist.

  3. Mum's are a special case... Guess one has to accept they mean well, execution issues or not...

  4. nice write up.......


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