Monday, March 2, 2015

See sickness!

What's worse than having free time, 
zero responsibilities
being unable to relax?

This is what the elders would call
home problem. 
I tire for myself. 
Match day apprehension is not helping matters

Can anyone recommend naija movies? 
I like movies set in the village that are funny
No aki and pawpaw things
It would be highly appreciated

I have so much things i could be doing with my free time
but no peace of mind to do it. 
The whole last day of med school things
was pretty anticlimactic
as expected

I don't know what i'm doing with my life
to be honest
i remain thankful.


  1. OMG!!!!! Sting is now a dokita ooo! Congratulations my dear sistah!
    Phew! At last! What a journey! We thank GOD for you o, and felicitate with you.
    How was your graduation parrry?

    I don't know much about Nigeria movies.. you can try Mr Ibru films...I heard one called Ada in Abakaliki .... I went to watch it and it was's in Igbo language subtitled...let me search for the link on y-tube.


      There is part 1-2 and it is also known as Nwa Abakaliki.

      I laughed so hard.

  2. congrats o! cant help on the village movies, i dont watch those lol. i should though *follows Nitty Gritty's link*

  3. Congratulations Sting!!! Blogsville is proud of you

    My friend take a sleeping pill and sleep off the restlessness. When you wake up, your mind will be less crowded to think properly :)

  4. Drawing? It should help get your mind off matching for a little bit.

  5. Congratulations! Why village movies? LOL... Check out some of the movies on IrokoTV :)


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