Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Too much is going on. 
I'm on plastic surgery and my patience is already being tested....
by other med students on the team
Add that to the long crazy hours and 
actually having to be in the OR
I'm miserable. 
Tomorrow, i'm on an 8 hour long case......
 Looking forward to Feb 27th. 
My last day on this rotation 
my last day as a med student! 

Let's let that sink in.

What are you guys up to? 
Gist me.
Who don marry, who don born, who dey come and who dey go?
I haven't been reading blogs.
I really hope this month flies by. 
I hate surgery!


  1. Did you say your last day as a med student??? Yasss!!!!!!!!! We have to celebrate girl!!!!! *moonwalks*

  2. Welcome back, even if briefly. And yay for end of February being end of medschool!!!

  3. abt resuming school... nice blog
    i am following your blog, please follow back

  4. Whooop Whoooooooop!!!!
    Congratulations babe. All the best with the match as well.

  5. Feb 27th you say? So I can start to call your Dr Sting as from feb 28th HUH? ..Dr Sting..#testing it on my lips#...ahahha...congratulations in advance :D

  6. Challenging indeed.
    try to see it all as "the glass half full" instead of half empty. Everyday is a lesson, get the lesson and keep it moving, happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy in spite of all the crap being thrown your way.


  7. So we shall soon be able to call you Doctor, the journey has been long but glad for you.

    All the best in the coming weeks

  8. Scorpio! I have missed you. *Hugs* from here. Congratulations. Its been a long road, so happy for you. Check for the married.

  9. Hang in there! All the best always.

  10. YESSSSS.....feeding money has landed for me o...Dame can I come for the grad? hehehhe


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