Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Old Blogsville

I was talking to a friend yesterday and he mentioned someone who passed away in undergrad right before she was supposed to start med school. So i randomly decided to google her name and i ended up on blogspot. It was a post written by a blogger and this blog had links to a lot of blogs, old blogs by people who were a part of that era of blogger (2008 and earlier). I clicked on links which took me to blogs where there were more links to other bloggers and i was just like wow! It took me back to that time where there were lot of Nigerian bloggers who blogged purely for fun. 99% of these people don't blog anymore and it made me think about the fact that i'm still here. Even though last year wasn't a great year and i wanted to quit but i'm still here. Still blogging on my own terms. I'm such a weirdo.

if you are interested in checking out old naija blogs, this blogs have good blog lists....Happy blog hopping.

Did anyone read the article written by Shade Ladipo titled 5 things i learnt from Toke Makinwa in 2014. Maybe i'm slow but was she for real or was it a tongue-in-cheek article? I ask because it seemed like she was throwing major shade and i find it hard to believe anyone can be serious about some of the things she wrote eg "Take Pictures with only cute members of your family or preferably the yellow ones, cute babies and cute older uncles work"

Someone please tell me she was kidding.


  1. One day, I was thinking of the website I met Atala on, and how those days, 2007, I had no blog and used to read so many others. I didn't know you till 2008 but I remember Linda, Bella, Solomon Sydelle, and Vera. There was even a group story going on at one point. Also lots of personal journals and anonymous confessions. Most of those old personal bloggers are gone, including SS. Well done for your longevity. Vera, Linda and Bella them are now big babes, still around too, I respect them a lot cos I often think of quitting :)

    On the Toke gist, in America, the tone is called snarky. Keeping it witty and real without all-out bad belle hatering. Kidding, I doubt...

  2. Hmmm, Its been awhile...I met many when I started my old blog in Oct 4th 2009 before I deleted it in July 2013.....now, its just a few...well, the only constant thing is change itself. I enjoy blogging, even when I don become odede for blogsville..ahahaha.

  3. Man old blogs were the realest.





    Don't stop blogging!

  4. I remember when I came on blogsville then....I enjoyed those old blogs. I wonder why they stopped blogging because they inspired me to really work on my blog. You, Myne Vera are still here...so goodie! I don't know Shade Ladipo had a blog...need to check that out

  5. OMG! Afrochic, Carl with a C.... too many. I followed blogs for a long time before opening mine. Those days were the bestest!

    That Toke article though, she def wasn't kidding. Sub on fleek

  6. Yay!!! Comments have reopened.
    I like the New Year banner.
    There's still a few of us left, those who just blog to blog, but truth is in this day of empasis on page views and popularity i can kinda see why many people would have fallen off. Plus life is happening. Many of us started blogging as students with more time to spare. Many have started working and ar even running families now and may not have as much time. I do miss them days though. Real good times.


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